Wednesday, 13 February 2008

red dust...

Dust, sweat, pain and glory ... the destination is defined by your acts, you can make a diference making in reality your crazy dreams. These people fight for their ideals and died fighting for that
... But today, and forever, if you clean the red dust in some old books, you can find old pictures of this brave people ... of these immortal people

The only way to predict the future is to create it. Now wake up, fight for your dreams...And perhaps you can live for ever too...maybe you will find the immortality.
Text...S. de la Puente
Photos...Exhibition of pictures to Australian Pioneers. Library of Sydney 2008


gabriela said...

Thanks for this pictures, thanks for this words, thanks for that inspirations!

Crazy Drile said...

Our blood is strong and brave, de la Puente have honor and courage as warriors poets.

Thanks for appreciate these texts.
Es un honor que seas mi hermana.

Un gran abrazo,

PS...Congratulations for writing in english

Gabriela said...

I agree with my little one, thank for being my son and for the moment I live in your blog as the best one.
Your are the one that rescue the value in our family and teach us the value of the life.
Thanks for those things that make the world better.-


Sarah said...

Very interesting blog :))
Great Pictures!

gabriela said...

Gracias Seba!

Te mande unas fotos a tu mail, espero que te lleguen bien.
Este fin de semana lo pasamos increible con el Toño y el papá, nos acordamos mucho de ti, queriamos ir al "hoyo" pero estaba cerrado y terminamos en un lugar aún más pintoresco!

P.d: Gracias por tus palabras
Te quierrrrroooooooo muchhoo

Crazy Drile said...

Voy a chekarlas right now!
Saludos a todos por alla!

Linda said...

great words Crazy Drile

ragnagnoute said...

merci pour le commentaire sur mon blog.

bonne journée

Crazy Drile said...

Merci d'avoir répondu à ma page.
Vienvenido à Boussole du Nord, vous pouvez écrire ce blog en français ou en anglais, parce que les gens de partout dans le monde la lit.

Bonne chance


PS ... Si vous avez des photos de vos voyages, vous pouvez envoyer et le public sur le site Web

ricardo said...

Si se desea algo ardientemente y se trabaja por ello firmemente...
inevitablemente se cumplirá.
Tú eres el ejemplo viviente de esto.
Un abrazo fuerte de tu horgulloso

Crazy Drile said...

Gracias por esas palabras Don Ricar, siempre frases como esas anotadas en mis post aid amarillos y pegadas por todo mi departamento, me recuerdan que nos caemos para aprender a levantarnos y me recuerdan que siempre hay un motivo por el cual luchar.

Un abrazo de vuelta de tu orgulloso hijo y amigo.


jeanette said...

heyyyy sebastian....i know i know im really late, maybe the last, but you know that i m really busy ;)

your website is really great, i ve stolen some pictures....

ibhono wa tanne hesch dimaluch dathili kef halabe dhseliluch harke u katirina nufkina hamihthothe kmo kore.....taudi lkulmede u aloho doreluch, noscho tawo hat....

i wont tell you the meaning of my sentences below, i hope you are not too curious....maybe you will find one day another aramaen ;)

also geniess noch deine zeit hier in australien, hoffe wir sehen uns noch paar mal, ansonsten vielleicht wieder in deutschland....

see you

by jeanette

Crazy Drile said...

Thanks for write in Aremee Jeanette!!!!!!
Great! Wir sehen uns zum Oktoberfest! Prost!

Germangirl said...

Hi my love,
today is our last day together for 5 weeks... I'm very sad and I hope you can come to New Zealand...
I love you very much and I will miss you a lot and more!!!
Big Kisses for you

Crazy Drile said...

I miss you a lot Blaue Augen.
Ich Lieve Dich