Saturday, 29 March 2008

100% Chilean Cattleman

I'm advertiser, I love Advertising, and my world always was big citys, TV cameras, movies, photoshop, computers, coffee, deathlines, stress, diet Coke and cigarrettes...Time ago I born and grow up in a farm in the southern territory of Chile between dust, cows, bull shit, horses, strawberries, corn, asparagus, fresh milk, butter and cheese. Today I'm proud of my Country because I was in one of the most important exposition and contest of different kinds of Australia's bulls and the others countries arrond the world. One of the best race of bulls was from Chile.I could saw the Chilean flag next to the Canadian one and I thought so many effort to Chilean cuttleman's was really a good work and my family especially my Father, cuttleman too, deliver knowledge and improvements in this final result. Cheers for that and Viva Chile Mierda!
One of my dreams all my life was ride in a Rodeo Competition.
Never is too late for make reality a new dream...
today I bought kangaroos boots and one Akubra Arena.
CARPEDIEM yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihaaaaa!