Tuesday, 3 February 2009

eating in my hand!

Oh..yeah!...this chapter is absolutelly unreal! two days ago I was in my balcony just enjoying the view and suddenly two parrots in there! just in front of my face looking at me like they want to say " G' Day Mate"....so I thought, nobody is going to believe in my history about this parrots, and just now I don't have my camera with me!...so slowly I went to my room, I bring my camera with me and one piece of pear.... and.....Yes! I could take this amazing pictures to my new friends, because now, every morning they are coming for breakfast....enjoy!
The Rainbow Lorrikeet is one of the most bright and colourful of the Australian parrots.They are common along the entire Eastern seaboard from the top of Cape York round to Adelaide. They need little encouragement to become a regular visitor to your garden. Some parrot seed (especially striped sunflower seed) and a small amount of diluted honey and bread mixture attract them, while plenty of cover, standing water (bird baths), and nesting opportunities will make them resident.
There native diet includes blossoms, berries, other fruit, seeds, and insects and their larvae. They will often be seen in company with scaly-breasted and other lorrikeets...


amy said...

hello crazy drile ..

Congratulations to the New friends ....

They are absolutely colorful ...

Color the life with the beauty of the nature ......

Kissessssssssss ..


Elinge said...

Hola Crazy Drile:

¡Ese magnífico lugar es paradisíaco!

Cuando veo esas especies multicolores o las más exóticas flores tropicales, no puedo dejar de Alabar a Dios por su Gran Imaginación en la Alegría de la Creación y la forma tan sencilla en que viene Él a nuestro balcón a sorprendernos.

Fuerte abrazo desde España.

IS-AH said...

Que entretenido.

Te dijeron algo? O son mudos estos loritos?


soy+pequeno said...

WoooW SoN CHuLíSiMoS CraZy DRiLE!

me gustan mucho los gorriones xq deben ser unos golfillos todo el día jugando x la ciudad.. estos 2 seguro vienen d fiesta y con hambre :D


gabriela said...

Really wonderful!!!

When a wild bird appears in your window is a symbol of good news and it means that you have a conecction with nature.

God bless you!!!

Thanks again for showing us these wonderful pieces of life.

Franchesca said...

Preciosas aves !!!!!! y preciosa la sonrisa del Cielo . Parece la sonrisa de un Buda .Un saludo .Franchesca

Crazy Drile™ said...

Sawasdee Subongkot...the nature never stop to give us color and happiness

Kisses back.

your Captain


Crazy Drile™ said...

Totalmente de acuerdo contigo Elinge, la naturaleza nos sorprende en los momentos y lugares mas inesperados....y usualmente CUANDO NO TIENES UNA CAMARA A MANO!

Cada lugar en el mundo, cada rincon del planeta es una paraiso oculto esperando ser descubierto cada dia. solo debemos estar atentos...

Saludos en Espana

Crazy Drile

Crazy Drile™ said...

Mister Guau!....hahahhahhahha realmente increible, no hablan todavia, pero estoy trabajando en eso. Seran los Primeros Rainbow Lorrikeets en hablar Espanol! hahhahahha....

Saludos en su Familia!

Crazy Drile

Crazy Drile™ said...

Que tal Soy+pequeno....yeap! vienen muy patudos exigiendo un buen bocadillo... son increiblemente inteligentes, capaces de reconocer, hurtar y luego abrir un sachet de azucar!
hahahhahahha....mascotas perfectas para un Capitan no muy cuerdo

Saludos de vuelta en Spain!

Crazy Drile

Crazy Drile™ said...

Saludos para ti tambien Franchesca... es realmente increible esa foto de la sonrisa del cielo....que bueno tu comentario acerca de la sonrrisa de Buhda....my novia es Budista, le voy a traducir tus palabras


Crazy Drile

Crazy Drile™ said...

that's correct Gabriela...when one bird arrive in your window is a symbol of good news, blessing and happiness for buddhism believe...good on ya!

Greetings from my Ship,
thanks for your deep and wonderful e-mail

Crazy Drile

Kiwi said...

very professional shot as usual

take a look here:


greetings from New Zealand

Crazy Drile™ said...

Ta mate! excelent video...thanks for that!


Crazy Drile

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