Saturday, 13 June 2009

Crazy Drile Collector Edition

Hello everyone to another chapter in Compass of the North, this time part of my own engagement party in Four Seasons Bangkok, one place and one night that I'll never forget
thanks a lot mates...I hope you enjoyed our piece of my own history in this chapter...cheers!

sawasdee krab!


Susanne said...


beautiful chapter and beautiful life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

all the best crazy are an inspiration ;)


Susanne said...

almost cry!

Foquinha! said...

Bravo!!! Wonderful your love...

The photos have an atmospheric beauty, the music is equally inspiring and worth the visit your blog!
Well, I want to send each one of you warmest wishes for the congratulationsss!!!

The diversity of styles are amazing and fun to see! you and her, your "engagement party", humm, very sophisticated and chic!!! Only my english is... (sorry) very, very bad, ahahaha!!! But I like you ;)

Ssssss and best wishes!!!

gabriela said...

It´s Too much emotion for me!!!
Wonderful pics and music, and you showing part of your own history,in a magic moment.
You and Amy look very handsome and nice dressed in beutiful clothes, in a wonderful place. There is no words to describe what I am feeling in this moment.
Four Seasons is too much impressive, and the last pic with Amy´s family and friends is beautiful, because now is your family too.
This It was a wonderful ceremony, I am very proud of you, both.

a lot of love from Chile!!!


I almost cry snif snif...

that place looks simply magic, wooow!!!!
of all stories, the most important is our own one and we only can make it important for people, by sharing our moments, by sharing our sorrows and our happiness and the most importante is to share our heart and our soul.
You've found the other half of your heart and of your soul in Amy and she has found it in you, that's a reason to celebrate today, tomorrow and all your lives; never forget the reason why you both are together.

Congratulations to you and to Amy!!!!

Kiwi said...

Awesome mate, CONGRATULATIONS you both!

enjoy life and keep your incredible work with compassofthenorth

best wishes from N.Z


Kiwi said...

great music! spanish?

Chik said...

snif snif I think I cry..... What emotions!!!

Congratulations Loco!!!, you are so Romantic, maldición!!! snif snif!!!! waaaaaa snif snif....

I hoppe see you soon, my sister in law... a Big Big Kiss From Chile!!!

Gotita y Lolelas send a big Kiss too, Guau guau sisisisisiisis they are so happy too.

Beautifull music... :)

Con cariño y disculpando mi Inglés...


★ Crazy Drile™ said...

Muchas Gracias Senora Chik@!

Me alegro que hayas podido ver este capitulo, fue una experiencia unica y emocionante... una alegria que puedan ser testigos a traves de mi pagina web

Kiss back to gotitas and Cholelas, and a big hug to you and Antonio from us

Su Broka


ps: esperando su envio

★ Crazy Drile™ said...

Danke Susanne!

thank you for be one of the most inconditional fans here

All the best for you too

keep traveling with chapters soon

Crazy Drile

★ Crazy Drile™ said...

Obrigado Foquinha! your English is perfect! seriously!

Great mix of cultures and and love

differents cultures, but good taste yin and yang

Greetings back and


Crazy Drile

★ Crazy Drile™ said...

Senorita Mexicana..we almost cry with your comment!...wonderful and very deep...uff! thanks a lot!!

Im very happy to have people like you in my website... with your amazing energy and pure soul

Greetings back and best wishes for your family too...from Amy and me

Crazy Drile

★ Crazy Drile™ said...

Amazing day and Four Seasons Bangkok, just magic!

was and incredible momment and best memories...thanks a lot today we have camera to froze the momment!

greetings back in Chillan

Crazy Drile

★ Crazy Drile™ said...

Cheers Mate! the first song is from Italy, second Hong Kong and then French ....hahhahahha

we love mix everything!

Thanks Kiwi for your words, and to everyone for follow Compass of the North


Crazy Drile

★ Crazy Drile™ said...

4050 visits! WOW!!!


Grazie, Merci , Gracias , Obrigado , Domo Arigato, Danke...


Franchesca said...

FELICIDADES!!!!! creo que es una fiesta de compromiso y os doy la enhorabuena y mis mejores deseos de dicha y prosperidad .Estais los dos guapísimos y hacéis una pareja encantadora.
Un fuerte abrazo desde España. Franchesca

★ Crazy Drile™ said...

Muchisimas gracias por tus palabra Franchesca!
Te mandamos un abrazo de vuelta a Espana y no se pierda los proximos capitulos!

Crazy Drile

ps: Gracias por lo de guapisimos! jajajjajaj

ZOBAKO said...

wena pintacha, Don Delapoint... jajaja... conquistando el mercado asiatico.... lo mejor es la primera foto wn!... jajaj.. "Oh!... Si, hola... me han pillado desprevenida y sorpresivamente escribiendo las memorias de mis aventuras en mi bitacora... Y no olviden que esta foto es muy casual"... jajaja... Notable!... lo mejor que he visto, supera incluso toda postal donde salga algun lugar ancestral...

gabriela said...

Crazy Drile:

Congratulations again for this chapter, the best one!!!
I like music!!!

Greetings from Chillán Chile, and a big hug for you and Amy.

Check your mail.

Donna said...

great blog very interesting