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Eiffel tower...creativity?

The Architecture of Thailand is a major part of the country's rich cultural legacy and reflects both the challenges of living in Thailand's sometimes extreme climate as well as, historically, the importance of architecture to the Thai people's sense of community and religious beliefs. Influenced by the architectural traditions of many of Thailand's neighbors, it has also developed significant regional variation within its vernacular and religious buildings A prang is a tall finger-like spire, usually richly carved. This was a common feature of Khmer religious architecture and was later adopted by Thai builders, typically in the Ayutthaya (1350–1767) and Bangkok periods. In Thailand it appears only with the most important religious buildings.

The first Prangs in Thailand were built e.g. in Phimai and Khao Phnom Rung and Lopburi between the early 10th century and the late 12th century, when the Khmer kingdom was dominant. They influenced the old Khmer architect, who also built great temple complexes such as Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom

A "more modern" Prang is a slim construction, like an ear of corn, which lets its Khmer origin be only suspected.

in the history, many people, countries and empires they tried very hard to bring back the Thai knowledge and treasures.
The Franco-Siamese War of 1893 was a conflict between the French Third Republic and the Kingdom of Siam. Auguste Pavie, French vice consul in Luang Prabang in 1886, was the chief agent in furthering French interests in Laos. His intrigues, which took advantage of Siamese weakness in the region and periodic invasions by Vietnamese rebels from Tonkin, increased tensions between Bangkok and Paris. Following the conflict, the Siamese agreed to cede Laos to France, an act that led to the significant expansion of French Indochina.

...If you ask me, they bring back more than some lands and gold... what do you think?

Named after its designer, engineer Gustave Eiffel, the Eiffel Tower is the tallest building in Paris.
More than 200,000,000 people have visited the tower since its construction in 1889, including 6,719,200 in 2006, making it the most visited paid monument in the world.
*this chapter is just theory and my own personal opinion. Compass of the North, Bangkok 2009


Foquinha! said...

The story was dramatic, but superb colors, gorgeous! :) I'm trying to get into your history and enjoy all it has to offer. Thanks so much, Indiana Drile!!!

b e i j o s
b e c i t o s
s i e m p r e!


★ Crazy Drile™ said...

Obrigado Foquinha, keep enjoying here...

yep, the history is really crazy, I never tought that so many people was triying to conquest Thailand; French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Burmese...all of them and is unreal the history in this land



subongkot said...

hello crazy drile

Creative and amazing chapter .....that is all i can say ...





woow I must say I'm surprised with this chapter... Our past is full of sadness and unfair moments in which the power struggle leaves death and poverty, things that won't be returned, (Mexico has also lived) but what could be recovered is the magnanimity, the purity of the souls that make big a town, a city, a country and not matter how much was taken away and not matter how big or small it is now.

greetings to you!!!!!and you're invited to come to Galicia, we invite you both and I hope you accept someday our invitation

Franchesca said...

¡Hola Seba! esta entrada es para Amy. Maravillosa la música y triste la Hª de Indochina .Apuesto por la UNIDAD de las mentes y los corazonas. Namasté
Hey Amy ,Iam glad for your amability and your attention in ny blog.
I thing that you are alike to me .Flowers , nature, friendship , music , danzing, are very important in my life .But I like live and I am ever busy...ever!! family, work ... don´t worry I AM HAPPY! I hope that you understand my writing .If I was more freetime I try to translate my blog but now it isn´t possible.
Thanks for your comment and you and Seba are WELCOME in my country and home.Many regards .Franchesca

gabriela said...

Hellow Crazy Drile:

Great and wonderful pics and music!!! they make me think about the human history..., and in this case, know about Thai´s history... impressionant!!!

There are too much richness in these ruines...too much energy and the story of a country where "freedom" in the principal sense of life.

I agree with your theory...

kisses from Chile

kiwi said...

wow mate! amazing theory and chapter!


★ Crazy Drile™ said...

Órale pues, Señorita Mexicana! thank you and your husband for your kind invitation! Galicia sounds a bit more difficult now for us, but we will meet you in Mexico for sure...

we can no wait for meet you and try some enchiladas y tacos! Ajúa!

congratulations for your last chapter in your website

★ Crazy Drile™ said...

the history of Thailand is more amazing that I thougt, agree... never stop of sorprise me...

just now Im reding one book about ayutthaya and the past of this civilization....

one crazy tip: did you know that Thailand was one of the countries with more rinoceros of the world???

greetings back in Chillán

★ Crazy Drile™ said...

cheers Kiwi!

you´ll need to go mate!

IS-AH said...

Cada lugar que nos muestras es más o igualmente impresionante e interesante que el anterior. Veo que las vacaciones han sido muy bien aprovechadas!

Seguiremos atentos a la aventura.

Un abrazo y saludos a Amy.

PD: pa las próximas vacaciones mándate una gira por Chile pa mostrarle a Amy y el resto de tus seguidores las aventuras que por acá se pueden vivir (y las cosas ricas que se pueden comer).

★ Crazy Drile™ said...

Muchas gracias Don Guau! Asia es un lugar lleno de spots increibles, es imposible no tomar buenas fotos... lo unico es que necesitas de bastante tiempo para descubrirlo

Vamos propntamente a Chile, asi que prepare buenos tours para nosotros... va a ser la primera vez en sud america para Amy


Susanne said...

you never stops to surprise me!
incredible chapter and effects ;)

Suruyevsky. said...

Greetings from Mandrilland.-

gabriela said...

I´m very surprissed about rinocerons in Thai, I didn´t know anything about it. I would like to visit it.....not so longer....

I hope you and Amy come to Chile as soon as possible, to show her many beautiful places we have, and many foods. Pherhaps the south, like Puerto Varas, Pucón, Villarrica, etc.
And the north, el Salar de Atacama, El Valle de la Luna, etc.

A big hug from Chile....cheers

★ Crazy Drile™ said...

Danke Susanne!

★ Crazy Drile™ said...

greetings in Mandriland Suruyevsky... great chapters coming soon!


★ Crazy Drile™ said...

Rinoceros, White elephants, gold and more... Thailand was one of the most richest old empires in the world... for some reason, the history do not speak about's a secret for the rest of the world, even for thai people

Japan, China, Spain, Germany, France, Portugal and many kingdoms used to travel to Ayutthaya for comerce and cultural interchange thoushands years ago, but all the documents are mising...letters, maps and books....all gone

if you find any book about Ayutthaya, go for it

Greetings in Chile and thanks again!

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