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southern King...Volcano lands

Location : Los Lagos Region, Chile
Nearest city : Puerto Varas
Coordinates: 41°08′30″S 72°10′23″W / 41.14167°S 72.17306°W / -41.14167; -72.17306

Area: 2,530 km² Welcome to another chapter of Compass of the North, this time, travelling in the southern lands of Chile, South America.... Chile landscapes never stop to surprise and give some great shots for your camera.... today we are located 64 km. from Puerto Varas, in Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park, visiting one of the most beautiful attractions of the South Of Chile.... Osorno Volcano and Saltos del Petrohué... enjoy!
Volcán Osorno is a 2,652 m (8,701 feet) tall conical stratovolcano lying between the provinces of Osorno and Llanquihue, in Los Lagos Region of Chile. It stands on the southeastern shore of Lake Llanquihue, and also towers over Todos los Santos Lake. Osorno is known worldwide as a symbol of the local landscape, and is noted for its similar appearance to Mount Fuji.

Osorno is one of the most active volcanoes of the southern Chilean Andes, with 11 historical eruptions recorded between 1575 and 1869. The basalt and andesite lava flows generated during these eruptions reached both Llanquihue and Todos los Santos Lakes. The upper slopes of the volcano are almost entirely covered in glaciers despite its very modest altitude and latitude, sustained by the substantial snowfall in the very moist maritime climate of the region.
Charles Darwin glimpsed Volcán Osorno from a distance in the course of the second voyage of the Beagle, catching sight of its eruption in January 1835.

Floating Chilean House in the Lake

Volcán Osorno was used as the backdrop for promotional photos and video in Motorola's 2005 global advertising campaign for the PEBL mobile phone.

Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park is located in Los Lagos Region, Llanquihue Province, of Chile. Its western entrance is close to the Ensenada locality, 82 km northeast of the provincial capital of Puerto Montt, and 64 km from Puerto Varas along Ruta CH-225. This national park covers about 2,530 km2 and is almost entirely in the Andes mountain chain. The adjacent national parks Vicente Pérez Rosales and Puyehue National Park in Chile, and Nahuel Huapi National Park and Lanín National Park in Argentina, provide a continuous protected area of close to 15 000 km2.
The park protects the body of Todos los Santos Lake and a large part of its catchment. The outlet of the lake at the Petrohué locality gives rise to the Petrohué River. A short distance downstream, still within the limits of the Park, the Petrohué river flows through the Petrohue Waterfalls.

Kayaks adventures is another option if you want to enjoy and discover in another angle this amazing landscape.... for further information click here:


Kiwi said...

cheers mate! Chile is my next destination for sure!

Great shot showing the incredible colour of the water...really is Turquoise

★ Crazy Drile™ said...

ta mate! You will enjoy for sure!

the colour of the water in Lago Todos los Santos (lake) is 100% Turquoise, in the pic you can not see the real colour but it is amazing....

take a look in the link at the end of this chapter and you´ll know more about it

greetings in New Zealand!

Sil said...

Qué colores!
El Volcán Osorno realmente es parecido al Monte Fuji, no? Estoy sorprendida!

La chica que está contigo en la foto, es tu esposa? Se los ve muy lindos! :)

Que sigan disfrutando del viaje!

Suruyevsky. said...

Great chapter!!!
If this chapter represents planet Earth, it's better than Melmac, hahahahahaha.
Cheers for Chile!.-

★ Crazy Drile™ said...

Hola Sil!
El Volcan Osorno es increiblemente parecido al Monte Fuji, es como el hermano gemelo... a demás este parque limita (si no me equivoco) con Argentina... es increible el Sur de Sudamerica y de estos dos paises

He visto la Patagonia Argentina solo en programas de TV y fotos (nunca he ido), pero se ve increible tambien... no descarto entre mis proximos viajes ir a Bariloche y otras ciudades del Sur de Argentina...hasta el momento solo he ido a Buenos Aires y Mendoza..increibles lugares y maravillosos vinos y asados Sil...te tienes que sentir orgullosa de tus tierras y cultura

La Chica de la Foto es Subongkot Kwunchaithunya o "Amy", ella es de Thailand y es mi Novia. Esta fue su primera vez en Chile y Sud America...le encantó!
Su primer comentario fue: "mira el Volcan, se ve igual al Monte Fuji en Japón"

Saludos en Japón
que tengas una buena caza Fotográfica!

★ Crazy Drile™ said...

Cheers for Chile Suruyevsky!
amazing landscapes Mate! we need to come back to Puerto Varas to make BBQ and drink Wine with Chapalele!!

really amazing landscapes, adventures and food...

Hey Amy is going to buy the book "the world is flat", she read that is a masterpiece! so your book rocks!
she´s going to follow you soon!

Greetings in Melmac Don Chava!

MK KWUN said...

Dear Pooh,

You lookso good.

Phung family.

Foquinha! said...

I like your trips, comments, style and I have to share these gems with you!
Chile is just some of the places that have inspired this blog and everyone! This is one of those magic moments...

s from Galápagosss =)

Choompoo said...

greetings from Sydney

We are very happy that you like the chapter..

Anyway,we are looking forward to welcoming you and your family to Chile at anytime ...

Welcome to Chile ...


Subongkot said...

it is very nice chapter ..

looks amazing with the landscape , it is a nice combination between the lake and the snow volcano . it reminds me Mount Fuji in Japan..

looking foward to the next chapter ...


★ Crazy Drile™ said...


how are you???
thanks for your congratulations and for your warm words...Im very happy that you feel like is like fuel for me

You´ll need to come to Chile and discover with your own eyes this wonderful secret place...welcome anytime


★ Crazy Drile™ said...

Welcome to Compass of the North
Phung family!...enjoy Chile!

★ Crazy Drile™ said...

Sawasdee Krab Subongkot!

bring one wool sweater, scarf & gloves and keep exploring the southern lands of Chile... Kob Khun Krab

Greetings all Thai People here! welcome to the Southern Country in the World

yin dee ton Rub su Chile!

gabriela said...

Nice and amazing chapter Crazy Drile!!!

Beautiful landscapes and a big emotion to see the Chilean Flag.
I feel very proud of my country, where you can find many differents landscape: the sea, beach, hills, country, mountains as you show here.
I am enjoying pics. Thanks!!!!
Kisses for you and Amy, from L.A., Chile

★ Crazy Drile™ said...

Incredible... so many landscapes and weather in just one Country.

happy that you like it...keep enjoying more soon

Greetings back in Los Angeles

OZYOSO said...

maravillosas fotos, as always...


tal-caco said...

que manera de sacarle el jugo al viaje!!!! preciosas fotos!!
un abrazo a ambos!!