Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Dalcahue...Salmon Paradaise!

Happy New Year to everyone! Compass of the North is Back! today travelling in Dalcahue, small typical village where you will find one of the best handicrafts, wools products, and of course the typical and unique Southern Salmon, cooked as in the old times! Artisans from around Chiloé customarily present their best at Dalcahue’s Sunday market, still its biggest attraction,
but this fishing village, about 20 kilometers northeast of Castro, is gaining importance as a base for sea-kayak excursions among the islands off the archipelago’s sheltered eastern shore.
Chapalele!... Fried mashed potato cakes with pork rinds! Woo-hoo!!
...In the Heaven! ...Mote con huesillo!!!! heee ha!
Mote con Huesillo, is a typical Chilean non alcoholic drink and dessert.
It is made from husked wheat (mote), mixed with sun-dried peaches (huesillo) that have been rehydrated in water for hours. The water in which the peaches were rehydrated is mixed with some sugar, and the wheat is mixed in a glass with the peaches and the peach-flavored sweetened water.This drink is usually sold on streets, from carts and stands, during the summertime. The boiled wheat and huesillos are also bought in markets for domestic preparation...you´ll need to try!
Most visitors come to Dalcahue (population 4,933) for Sunday’s Feria Artesanal, though a flood of imported kitsch has nearly inundated the quality basketry, wood carvings, and woolens that once typified this lively market.
Mid-February’s Semana Dalcahuina is the town’s major festival.
Nothing remains of Dalcahue’s palafitos, obliterated by the 1960 tsunami, but its 19th-century Iglesia Parroquial is one of the architectural monuments that helped the island’s wooden churches gain UNESCO World Heritage Site status.


Suruyevsky. said...

I like Dalcahue and its Sunday's Fair.
"I like wine, because wine is good", hahahahaha.
Awesome salmon, church (both deserve to be a screensaver).
Cheers from Mandrilland.-

gabriela said...

Hellow Crazy Drile:

First of all I wish you both all the best for this new year. Love, Work, travel, Money, blessings and good energy.

Beautiful pics showing our beautiful country over all Dalcahue: A place of a lot of traditions: foods, leyends, fishes, ocean, etc.
Everybody who cames to visit Chile must know these magic land called Chiloe...Dalcahue...Ancud...etc. at the end of the world.

a big kiss for you. Cheers from L.A.

On the road again....

Benja-Xocoyotl said...

Nunca acabaré de agradecerte por subir los relatos y fotografías de los lugares que dificilmente podré conocer.

Felicidades desde Salamanca, México.

★ Crazy Drile™ said...

Me gusta el vino por que el vino es gueno! hahhahaha Hi Suruyevsky!

Happy New Year my friend, all the best for this 2010 and now keep travelling with Compass of the North and new technologies (take a look in Dalcahue video in Ipod on your right hand side!)...100% evolution!

God bless Dalcahue and the South of Chile

See you in my next Chapter

Greetings from Australia

★ Crazy Drile™ said...

Happy New Year for you too Gabriela!

Best wishes for this New Year and always... Enjoy and discover the beautiful Chilean Southern lands...

greetings in L.A

Yeh....on the road again!

★ Crazy Drile™ said...

Muchas gracias por tu comentario Benja, y gracias a ti por seguir Compass of the North. Es un honor para mi mostrar las fotos de mi pais y lugares que he tenido la suerte de conocer...cuando tienes una bendicion como esta en tu vida, debes compartirla

Un fuerte abrazo en Mexico!


ps: Espero poder visitar tu Pais algun día!...y probar sus comidas!

Kiwi said...

it looks good!
I can smell this salmon! incredible places


★ Crazy Drile™ said...

The best Salmon Ever! for far!

you´ll need to try...and the potatoes...AMAZING!

One dish of Salmon and Potatoes and salads is arround $ 5 Australian Dollars!

keep travelling with Compass of the North

catcha later