Thursday, 8 July 2010

travel shots...Siam

Elephant Village Ayutthaya 2009 Long Neck Family, Chiang Mai 2010 Asian Water Buffalo, Chiang Mai 2010
Long Neck Tribe, Chiang Mai Mountains 2010
Long Neck Tribe, Chiang Mai 2010 Water Buffalo, Rice fields, Chiang Mai 2010


gabriela said...

Hellow Crazy Drile

Beautiful Pics.... black and white...i love it!!!
They are romantics, and you must use your imagination...

We are connected now by your blog...

kisses for you and Amy from Los Angeles

★ Crazy Drile™ said...

Im glad that you like it and welcome again to the world of Internet comunications... enjoy Siam

take care

gabriela said...

Thanks Seba.

Really I enjoy Siam, is a "magic world"...

..... and the music.... invites me to calm

kisses from LA

subongkot said...

hello Crazy Drile

amazing pictures in Black and White

look like National Geographic picture

Well done

Thank you for sharing us beautiful memories

big kissss and hugggg

subongkot said...

Que buena idea poner esos recuerdos como un resumen de haber vivido un sueño, pero que fué realidad.
Un abrazo.

rakesh holla said...

Looks gr8!!!