Saturday, 21 June 2008


Working the land like a crazy pioneers hundred years ago, "Cabeling" is a hard, dangerous and typical Australian Cattle Farms work. This is a cable to make Stock Yards and Fences most Cattle Stations use this to keep Cattle contained by putting it around the yards cause Cattle, horses and bulls are very dangerous so it is very strong. Cattle such as Brahman, Saners, Drought Masters, Charolais, Hereford and Angus...welcome everyone to the heart to this red and beautiful wild land called Australia


Svana Domaradottir said...

you're a very good photographer!i live with you when i see these photos!

Antonella said...

Holà Sebastian,
cómo estás? I wrote to you a little poem inspired by your new life!
"Él desciende de las montañas a caballo por el valle del Río Caliente.
A continuación, por, corre cow boy!
Paseos hasta que no se puede detener y mucho más!
El terror de Australia tú eres!"

Un beso para ti

IS-AH said...

Qué tal. Veo que te hacen sudar la gota gorda en el campo australiano (¿cómo estan las huasitas?).

Súper buenas las fotos. La cagó. Si entendí bien, cabeling es hacer un cerco para que no se escapen los animales, o no??? Y por qué es tan peligroso??

Un saludo.

PD: por si no leíste la respuesta en mi blog... el día del padre fue el domingo pasado...

Crazy Drile said...

Thanks Svana! this shots are looking very old like in the westerns books or something...

Grazie per il commento
Saluti in Italia


Crazy Drile said...

Ciao're just AMAZING! you wrote this poem in Spanish for me, and is really,
is spectacular and one of the most famous poems of Australia is The Man from Snowy River and is very similar to your poem...I can't believe that!!!

La ringrazio ancora una volta ... Antonella infinito grazie per questo dono.
Un migliaio di baci per voi dolce Antonella (Sorry my Italian)

See you later


Crazy Drile said...

Hey Guau! very hard work but is really cool.
Is dangerous because those cables can cut an arm or a finger easily, are very sharp and dangerous

In this farm later they sell those cables because people need that for make fences for animals in other cattle farms

Take it easy man
Greetings to your family

PS...las huasitas...UFF!!

sarah said...

Amazing shots!

kiss hun

Svana Domaradottir said...

Thanks for your comments you're a very interesting person

Crazy Drile said...

Thanks Svana, I don't know if I'm an interesting person...but I'm a Crazy Dreamer

keep in touch


amy said...

i like this chapter is something behind the scene ...Good job, crazy ricardo

King said...

Hola Sebastian,
So cool. Life is about the journey, not the destination. The great spirit shines on us all. WE are all brothers and sisters. We should all be grateful for everything we recieve, good and bad, it all is a meesage that we need to understand, Vaya con Dios Amigo.

Juliane said...

Guten Tag Sebastian,
I thought you need something German here ;-). What can I say! Unbelievable good pics, I like them heaps!!! ;-)
And BJ, when you ever going to visit this blog, thank for being such a good model :-)
Your friend Juliane

Shahana said...

I thought for fench they use wood ... seems I don't have any idea about current fenching system :)

Crazy Drile said...

thanks everyone for your comments...thanks for being my friends

All the best for everbody


Gabriela said...

Dear Seba, first of all, my congratulations for the pics, are really fantastics.-
And second, what a dangerous and wonderful life yor are livig there in this moment.
It´s very impressionant to me see you in these pics, because you look like your grandfather, and I know he is very very proud of me.-
I wish you the best in your nex days in another wild territory.-

I miss you!!!


Gabriela said...

I agree with you Amy. It´s like behind the scene.


Gabriela said...

Antonella: Que bonito ver un poema escrito por tí y sobretodo en español. Ahora te escribo yo tambien en español, para que vayas aprendiendo más.



ricardo said...

Aparte de mis felicitaciones quería decirte que entiendo perfectamente el trabajo que estás haciendo con el cable. es digno de ejemplo para copiarlo en Chile, en los campos ganaderos. La foto en que apareces en el grupo anterior,con tu silueta en negro y al fondo la puesta de sol, la puso Gonzalo en su protector de pantalla. Es una de las tantas maravillas que nos haz mandado.
UIn abrazo y denuevo mis sentidos agradecimientos por tu inolvidable saludo por el Día del Padre.

Crazy Drile said...

Thanks everyone...after one week in Saxby (Wild Horses, Broncos and Bulls Rodeo), I'm checking very fast my web...I'm in a little brake in Croydon because we are going to the Horses Races in Oakpark....
I took 536 pics to Saxby...wild horses, and amazing landscapes... I can't wait 4 make my next chapter

A new step...a new challenge

See ya People in a couple of weeks


God Bless the Queen!!

Crazy Drile

Crazy Drile said...


Gabriela said...

Hellow dear Seba, thanks God I have news from you.
We are anxious waiting for your pics.
Yesterday, reading La Discusión,I sow you in an article with your pic, teeling something about your extraordinary experience. I´ll send you. Congratulations!!!! I kept a newspaper for you. I am very proud of you.
I wish you the best.
God bless you.

I miss you.


Crazy Drile said...

Hi Everyone!
My trip is really one dream an then another another one...and another one...

I'm in Charters Towers 4820, Queensland, Australia after two weeks in Rodeos and Horse Races in Saxby and Oak Park in the Northern Territory...Now finally I have Internet access, but at the same time some problems because I can't upload my pics...shit!... 2000 pics are waiting 4 my next chapter

I need try again

Cheers Mates!

Crazy Drile