Tuesday, 17 June 2008

in the middle of nowhere

Hello Mates! First....I'm alive, second my dream is coming true... I'm in the middle of nowhere. I'm in Mount Isa, Rodeo Capital of Australia.
I don't have Internet or mobile signal, today I'm lucky to have Internet here .... enjoy this shots!
have fun!


IS-AH said...

Cómo estay.

Muy buenas las fotos. Veo que estay convertido en todo un cowboy... jaja.

Donde es eso?? Cerca de qué ciudad?


amy said...

Hello crazy ricardo

what a wonderful world !!

One life, live it


Suruyevsky. said...

Where is the Marlboro packet? hahahahah.
Grande Crazy-Drile: I'm going to drink a bottle of beer in your honor.-

Gabriela said...

Hey! Cowboy!!! Thanks God you are alive!!!
Your world is wild and wonderful. Really, it´s incredible see you there in the middle of nothing, and in the middle of your dreams.
You´re made for this extrems experiences that few ones cannot support.
My congratulations for your bravery and willpower. I´m very proud of you!!!
I miss you. Kisses

I´m going to drink a glass of wine in your honor like Mr. Suruyevsky.-

Crazy Drile said...

Hey Mister Guau! How are u??? yea! I'm in Mount Isa...near to Alice Springs in the middle of Australia, look one map.
2 days ago I was in the rodeo in Brunette 5 hours to here...just Amazing!

Greetings to your Family

Crazy Drile said...

hahhahaha yea! I'm smoking some Marlboros here is not a joke hhahaha...Cheers! enjoy the best wine ever...CHILEAN WINE

See you soon Suruyewsky


PS...Cheers with Pisco as well!

Crazy Drile said...

Amy...I miss you

Crazy Drile said...

Thanks Sra. Gabriela 4 your comment...and yeah! I'm dusty smelling like shit but I'm more alive than ever

This is the real Australia, red dust, Kangaroos and Snakes 4 everywere, School radio teaching, Boots and Vegemite

Sometimes, when I'm looking the stars in the night, with one glass of beer or wine and one cigarette I think ...just I'm dreaming

Keep in touch and thanks for your congratulations, an honor for Me


Crazy Drile said...

One team...One Dream!

Crazy Drile said...

looking this video from Mount Isa Rodeo...cheers!


Blondi said...

You're really lucky!
I love travelling but i'm too young!

Crazy Drile said...

Ciao Blondi! I know i born Lucky is a blessing...maybe I'm Irish or something.

Just do...just do it
Not think too much is my advice...travel is a great experience in your life, is like writing your own book

Greetings in Italy