Wednesday, 13 August 2008

riding for a dream

Welcome to the largest rodeo event in the Southern time per year thousands of people from different countries of the world travel to Mount Isa looking for a ticket to danger, passion and pride. Thousands of patriots are looking for those living legends called´s time to show in a few seconds why Australia has some of the best riders and rodeos in the world...take one Cold Beer out of the fridge (four X gold) and come with me to this Crazy Aussie party...

Wild Long horns (1000 kg and more) , Brahman and others races are waiting patiently for an opportunity to hurt any Cowboy or some another Crazy fool

Mental as Anything are Aussie Rockers famous for hits The Nips are Getting Bigger, Live it up, Mr Natural and too Many Times just to name Few...

If you are cooming the next year...try hash browns and Pankakes with BBQ words!

Allan and Debbie waiting for the big weekeend...
Real Aussies...real Stockmans and Cowboys, some of them just Legends

Legends like Adam Brand, Kirsty Lee Akers, Dianna Corcoran, Amber Lawrence and Aleyce Simmonds make up some of the big names in Isa Rodeo


Cheers Mate! ....(tomate la otra)

National Anthem and one minute of silence for remember dead Rodeo can smell proud and patriotism in the air...amazing

1, 2...1, 2, 3... Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...the real Queenslander Beer...Four X gold...

No more pics 4 today, French papparatzi piece of shit!

Please... no more Rum for Loic

Good on you BJ! Cheers Mate!!! Yiiiiiiiihhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!
Ride a Bull...ride a Cowboy!!! Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

R.M Williams Long Horn Logo, Australian Icon from the Bush....and my favorite brand ever

Some Cowboy Yute's...american chopper is nothing ...take a look

my loyal Crazy Guardian Shiraz...good dog.... good dog
Loic and Lloyd burning everythyng in the camp fire...everything...fkg pyromaniacs
Just 3 Bush legends...greetings for France (Loic Baroz), for Germany (Lloyd Halim) and for Chile (Sebastián "Crazy Drile", de la Puente)

No Worries, keep riding...maybe the next year Cowboy, maybe the next year


Samantha said...

Dum de de dum, de de dum, de de dum, de de da da.
Dum de de dum, de de dum, de de dum, de da da, la la la.

Well, I walk into the room passin' out hundred dollar bills.
An' it kills and it thrills like the horns on my Silverado grille.
An' I buy the bar a double round of Crown an' everybody's getting down,
An' this town ain't never gonna be the same.

'Cause I saddle up my horse an' I ride into the city.
I make a lot of noise 'cause the girls, they are so pretty.
Ridin' up an' down Broadway on my old stud, Leroy.
And the girls say: "Save a horse, ride a cowboy."
Everybody says: "Save a horse, ride a cowboy."

Well, I don't give a dang about nothing: I'm singing an' bling-blanging,
While the girls are drinkin' long necks down!
An' I wouldn't trade ol' Leroy or my Chevrolet for your Escalade, or your freak parade:
I'm the only John Wayne left in this town.

An' I saddle up my horse an' I ride into the city.
I make a lot of noise 'cause the girls, they are so pretty.
Ridin' up an' down Broadway on my old stud, Leroy.
And the girls say: "Save a horse, ride a cowboy."
Everybody says: "Save a horse, ride a cowboy."

Instrumental break.

"Well, I'm a thoroughbred."
That's what she said in the back of my truck bed,
As I was gettin' buzzed on suds, out on some back country road.
We where flyin' high, fine as wine,
Having ourselves a Big and Rich time
An' I was going, just about as far as she'd let me go.
But her evaluation of my cowboy reputation
Had me beggin' for salvation all night long.
So I took her out, gigging frogs,
Introduced her to my old bird dog
An' sang her every Willie Nelson song I could think of.
An' we made love.

An' I saddle up my horse an' I ride into the city.
I make a lot of noise 'cause the girls, they are so pretty.
Ridin' up an' down Broadway on my old stud, Leroy.
And the girls say: "Save a horse, ride a cowboy."
Everybody says: "Save a horse, ride a cowboy."

What? What?
"Save a horse, ride a cowboy."
Everybody says: "Save a horse, ride a cowboy."

Samantha said...

enjoy Cowboy

:) jiiiiihaaa!

Naisa said...

es curioso... en las antípodas...dos vidas tan distintas , yo viendo tus fotos y tu leyendo mi historia de amor.
Siempre me gustó escribir, y esto que vivo ahora , no puede ser escrito en otra parte... gracias por tus comentarios, cowboy... y sí, efectivamente soy una soñadora, porque eso justo vivo...un sueño. Que no nos despierten por favor. Un saludo muy afectuoso, Naisa.

Nicole said...

Save a horse ride a Cowboy!


kiwi said...

Incredible shots Crazy Drile
I got a new wallpaper


greetings from NZ

Suruyevsky. said...

AWESOME pictures!!!.
The rodeo, the rodeo-arena, cheerleaders, bulls, Shiraz, Smirnoff (great friend), corn on the cob, XXXX Gold...
Cheers for everything, Crazydrile!!!
Greetings from Mandrilland (36º 37'' South).-

Crazy Drile said...

Thanks 4 this song the most popular song here in the rodeo parttys

Save a horse...ride a Cowboy

Crazy Drile said...

Naisa...sigue soñando que en este mundo vamos quedando pocos soñadores pero tal vez los mejores

"The dreaming means our identity as people".
(Merv Penrith)

Greetings in Spain

Crazy Drile

Crazy Drile said...

thanks 4 your comment Kiwi!
Im glad you got a new wallpaper...enjoy this website mate


Crazy drile

Crazy Drile said...

You need ride one horse Nicole...oh yeah!

Crazy Drile said...

Yep Mr. Suruyevsky, you´ll need to come the next year, look some pics it is great but not the same thing like take a look in the arena and smell really "bull shit" hahhahah

Is a big party, non stop day or night...lots of corns and cheese, donuts, fish and chips, beer, hash browns, coke and rum and a lot of fun Mate...hundred of cowboys, cowgirls and aborigen people (great riders and jackaroos)

Greetings to Mandriland
Mr. Suruyo,


ps: please send me some Mandriland news report...catcha later

Sarah said...

Cheers suruyewski! another great comment

Cheers for everything :)...I like it!

greetings from Australia


Lore Henriquez V. said...

y para mi nada....snif snifff jajaja sigue poniendo fotos lindas...cuidate mucho por alla..
un abrazo_________________

Crazy Drile said...

Como que para ti nada...ah?
te conteste en el capitulo donde me escribiste....take a look y mandame tu direccion de e-mail:

No lo puedo creer...apareciste en mi pagina web jajajjaj increible

Yep, segui mi espiritu aventurero y me di cuenta a tiempo que la vida es una y hay que sacarle el jugo como si fuera la ultima naranja del planeta...
Este viaje ha sido realmente increible y he conocido a miles de personas realmente cool...puedes intercambiar ideas, conocimientos, historias como leerte la biblioteca Nacional en unos meses...aprendes demasiado y todo va quedando en tu disco duro para siempre

Realmente impresionado que hayas llegado aca, y por mi hermana, INCREIBLE
Mantente en contacto y a lo mejor quien sabe y la proxima cerveza la tomamos mirando el Harbour Bridge frente al Opera House...

Un gran abrazo Lore


PS: Estás trabajando como Arquitecto?

PS 2: mandame tu hotmail, gmail, tus medidas, etc, etc, etc...

Anonymous said...

@ Awesome rodeo!
great blog and unreal pictures


Anne said...

flott nettsted, store bilder og informasjon om Australia
Hilsen fra Norway


Crazy Drile said...

Welcome Anne and Joe to Compass of the North

in this website you can find some valious information about Australian places and lots of things to do in the City, Desert (Northern Territory) or Farms (Queensland, "sunshine state")

Greetings in Norway and welcome again

Crazy Drile

amy said...

hello mr. cowboy ..

it seem like a big fun for everyone ...


amy said...

Save the horses and the cowboys ...

that sounds better .....We need them for next year ......


Crazy Drile said...

Save a horse and save the dreamers...we are few in this world but I still thinking and fighting for my dreams my love...without dreams, we are nothing

One kiss 4u Subongkot
miss you

Your Captain

ricardo said...

Que emoción que tú, mi hijo, estés viviendo lo que siempre fué un sueño para mí. Los caballos, monturas, botas, sombreros, aperos, la gente de la tierra.Los que se matienen apegados a lo salvaje. Hombres y animales luchando por no ser dominados por nada ni por nadie. Tú formas parte de ello y es la razón de que estés en esas tierras lejanas, participando como uno más, perteneciendo a ese mundo, como si allí hubieras nacido.
Bien Sebas. Tu Padre.

Crazy Drile said...

Muchas gracias por esas palabras Don Ricar

El Tata Mario, el Tio Raul, el Tio Sergio, tu y el tio Rodrigo, se hubieran cagado en el rodeo...espectacular

Un gran abrazo
Stay the Course,


Steve said...

very good and interesting blog

Shahana said...

I didn't know, Australia also arrange this kind of game.

Lore Henriquez V. said...

Realmete esto de la tecnologia me conmueve cada dia, y me parece muy lindo que te des el tiempo para contestar a cada una de las personas que te escriben deseandote lo mejor.....las fotos estan increibles ....y esos animales son gigantes!!! ImpresionaNTE!..
bueno yo te puedo contar que si, estoy trabajando como arquitecto, trabajo de forma independiente y tambien me salio una pega ahora en lebu, pero no tengo que viajar onda todos los dias...espero ya venga algo mejor ....
aca te envio mis direccione de correo de:
ojala nos comuniquemos pa darte tb mis medidas jajaj....bueno espero te encuentres muy bien cuidate, un abrazo....
Pd: El sombrero te keda del "ONE"

R.i.c.@.r.d.o said...


bueno, en honor a la verdad, mi ingles no es muy bueno (sorry, soy de escuela pública jajaja), pero me asombré al entender el 80% de lo que escribiste.

lo de cold beer es facilito de entender, y de hecho me dio sed jaja

Genial el rodeo!
las fotos espectaculares.

hubo muchas caídas????

Saludos desde Chile, un país que celebra una nueva medalla de plata, a manos de Fernando Gonzalez (quien otro)

(PD: gracias por tu comentario)

Crazy Drile said...

gracias por sus datos Señorita Lorena...mantente en contacto pa que nos juntemos en Chile y pueda tomarte las compre una huincha ayer en la tarde

Un beso, Take care


Crazy Drile said...

Un gusto tenerlo por estos lados mister Ricardo
no es muy dificil entender el inglés escrito...en mi caso tuve Inglés en el colegio y Universidad pero nunca pesqué mucho pensando q no lo iba a ocupar...como sea, creo que la mejor manera de aprender otro idioma es viajando...oh yeah! es la pura verdá

Un abrazo grande desde Australia

Take it easy,
Saludos en la Capital

Crazy Drile

Crazy Drile said...

Shahana, nice to see you again!
yep a few people in others countries know that in the North of Australia you can find real Cowboys and is very similar to North America and Canada.
the rodeo it is amazing! anoter great memory in my mind 4 ever.
You´ll need come some day and enjoy this beatiful, crazy and wild country.

Greetings in Bangladesh

your friend
Crazy Drile

ps: Im going to Bangladesh Shahana...Im going

s@rah said...

sweet kisses hun ;)

s@rah said...

teach me spanish Cowboy

Ethan said...

good stuff here!

Crazy Drile said...

I will Sarah...I will
thanks 4 your kisses

Take Care


Crazy Drile said...

Welcome to compass of the North Ethan...always great stuff here Mate! Always 100% pure gold


Crazy Drile

gabriela said...

Increibles Fotos Mate!!! Es un sueño que por medio de imagenes puedas hacernos ser parte de tu tremenda aventura!!!
Que heavy los animales, creo que nunca habia visto esos tremendos toros.
Y creo Shiraz se robo mi corazon, si si si!!!!
Oye estas de pelos!!

Te quiero!


ricardo said...

Querido Sebas: Estamos con la Chica, en esta noche de viernes, en su departamento, comiendo hot-dogs, chupando mango sour, su picoteo ¿ verdad ? revisando tu blog y acordándonos mucho de tí.
Un abrazo para tí. Y para Shiraz.

Gabriela said...

Dear Seba: I wish you all the best in your next rodeo and in your next travel to the Northen Territory, it must be impressionant to know that place. Take care of yourself!!! and be careful with the cocodriles and mosquitoes.
Check your gmail, please.
Cheers!!! a kiss for you.
Greetings to Wolf.

Germangirl said...

Hey Camus,
nice pictures but too much horses and cows and nothing...
Probably I would die ;)
Take care

p.s. smile a little bit in your pictures...

IS-AH said...

La cagó. La raja el rodeo. Onda "Gánese al Toro". Jaja. No intentaste participar?

PD: En una de las fotos estay con un ZZ Top o qué??? jajajaja...



Suruyevsky. said...

We want a next chapter!, We want a next chapter!!, We want a next chapter!!!.
In Crazydrile we trust.-

Gabriela said...

We miss you, booooooooooo!!!!!

Too much time reading nothing...
We are waiting for you, for the next chapter...

Crazy Drile said...

Hey People!
I'm in traveling in Doodmadgee in front to of the last aborigenal reservation

I dont have Internet signal or mobile at the moment

No worries Suruyevsky, I got 1.600 pics for 3 new Chapters...really great ones...1. Aborigenes 2. Fliying helicopters in Carpentaria Goulf (7 hours fliying mate). 3. Fishing Barramundis in Escott Station, in one river infested to cocodriles....Oh, yeah!!!
Now I'm in one public library in one small town near to doomadgee Hughenden

Cheers! I hope have internet soon Mates, thanks everyone 4 your comments

Send me Fruit!

Crazy Drile

PS...I got 11 cocodrile teeths...real ones, not souvenirs...REAL ONES

cooming soon!

IS-AH said...

La raja Seba, la cagó...que viaje más bueno estay haciendo. De verdad me alegro que estí haciendo todas esas cosas. Una experiencia única.

Dientes de cocodrilo, ah? ojalá no muerdan....jaja.


PD (GUAU! dice): No podemos mandar niuna cosa, está todo muy caro, la inflación por las nubes... tamos fritos!

SOPERO said...

Hola, buen blog. Increíble aventura.

Aventurar literarias en:


Crazy Drile said...

Hey Berdnt!
hahahhahah nice to see you here!
yep 100% country life horses and rodeos....yiiiiiiiiiiihhhaaaaaaa!!!

Take care and keep in touch


ps:of course my horse!

Crazy Drile said...

Gracias Sopero, y bienvenido a Compass of the North

Visite tu blog tambien...felicitaciones, buen trabajo Man!



Crazy Drile said...

Hey Guau!
La zorra el viaje la cagó!
Ahora estoy tratando de seleccionar las mejores fotos de mis ultimos viajes al golfo de carpentaria frente a dificil tratar de seleccionar entre tantas....este pobre laptop va a explotar en cualquier momento con tanta informacion

Hey compadre, felicitaciones para usted y toda su familia por todos sus exitos!
Un gran abrazo por Concepción


Anonymous said...

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