Sunday, 7 September 2008

Cooming soon...

Im located in one of the most wild places in the world...In front to Indonesia in the Goulf of Carpentaria...real Crocodiles, buffaloes, Brumbies, Wild Pigs, Bown Snakes, poisonus frogs and thousands of Kangaroos and Wallabies every morning in front of me...Im in Aboriginal lands Im in the real Australia... living one of the most Crazy chapters ever in my Life...

Nexts Chapters (Im without Internet Conection or telephone signal, just satelital one...really expensive)

1. Doomagdgee...the lost civilization 2. Flying and Mustering in Escott Station 3. Cocodriles & Barramundis in Nicholson river and more...see you soon Mates! CARPEDIEM!


Subongkot said...

hello mr.cowboy

It is a real adventure life ...Cool ...

All the best to everyone in the outback ..

Crazy Drile said...

Thanks Subongkot...sometimes I think Im just dreaming, but it is real, it is my life

See you soon my love

your Captain


ps: Make a wish under the stars

ps 2: Greetings to everyone in the Four Seasons...Especially to Crystal

Gabriela said...

Really is wonderful to follow your experiences. I am very proud of you, and I am with a great emotion to see how is going your life there.
It is great to see you in this pictures for me.
I wish you the best there.
Greetings to Amy.
Cheers my son.

Suruyevsky. said...

Wonderful chapters are coming.
Good luck, Crazydrile.
Please hurt or kill animals only on self-defense, never for pleasure.
Greetings from Mandrilland.-

Sarah said...

Amazing adventure!
Im waiting Crazy Drile!!!!!! ;)

take care

amy said...

Dear Gabriela

Greetings to you and everyone in the family ..

All the best to everyone ..


amy said...

hello mr. Ricardo

They all want to meet up with you please stay alive ...

Enjoy the journey


IS-AH said...

Hi, Mr. Crocodile Dundee.

Really impressive trip. Must be great to travel in a helicopter. These pictures remember me to La Tierra en que Vivimos. Haha...

By now, landscapes look incredible. Almost like amazonian river. Did you hunt any wild animals there? For the bullets, i mean.

Good Luck.
See you!


Gabriela said...

Hellow Dear Amy:

I hope meet you soon when you come to Chile.- I am waiting for you.
Greetings and all the best for you too.-


amy said...

Dear Ms. Gabriela

Thank you for your kind invitation , i am very appreciated ...

I also would like to take you for temple tour in Asia . . They are amazing ...I am sure you will love it .....

Best regards


Crazy Drile said...

Greetings again! I´m alive!
Hey Suruyevsky, no worries... really good shots in my hunting!...but just shots with my canon

I hope today make another new chapter...Im working in that...

Greetings to everyone in Mandriland

Crazy Drile

Crazy Drile said...

Aloha Mister Guau!
yep, amazing trip...this river is the famous (Nicholson River), famous because is infested to Crocodriles, snakes king Brown (one of the most poisonus in the World) and Barramundis...
I got a lot of shots....just wait my friend

Greetings to GUAU!
And congratulations in your family for all your successes

Cya Man!

Crazy Drile said...

Thanks Sarah...Im working in that!
I got thoushands of great shots here!..just triying to choose the best ones

Take care


kiwi said...

Awesome adventure!

Greetings from NZ

Sarah said...

you are looking yummy! ;)


gabriela said...

Wenísimas fotos mr Loco!!!!
que impresionante donde andas metido!!!


Crazy Drile said...

100% pure adventure!