Wednesday, 15 October 2008

horse power


Suruyevsky. said...

Dear Crazy-Drile... Dow Jones doesn't matters, S&P500 doesn't matters... CHILE V ARGENTINA: 1-0. Say no more. Welcome to the new world. Welcome to the new EARTH.-

Crazy Drile said...

Deep comment my friend...deserve one bottle of Chilean wine and some Marlboros for talk about it

Greetings in Mandriland

Take Care Suruyevsky

Crazy Drile

amy said...

Hello mr. cowboy

sometimes, the picture is better than words ...

Enjoy the moment ..


Lore Henriquez V. said...

como estaiii..!!! :)
pasaba por aqui para saludarte ....hermosas fotos como siempre....cuidate mucho....

Crazy Drile said...

Saludos por Concepcion Lore!
Pase mas seguido por aca

Un beso y cuidese tambien


Crazy Drile said...

Yep Subongkot...most of the times one good photo can speak better than yourself

Gabriela said...

I enjoy every picture, and I agree with you, that every photo say more than thousand words.

Your blog Seba is beautiful and let me to travel with my imagination through your wonderful experiences.
Thanks for that!!!

a kiss for you

Crazy Drile said...

beautiful words...kiss back

Anonymous said...

Sr Delapuente,
¿Qué más?
It seems that you are having the time of your life, but I know is'a a lot of hard work too!
Quiero viajar a Queensland en diciembre. Digame cuando / donde es un buen rodeo para ir.
Disculpe mi español .. estoy haciendo mi mejor!
Lo deseo todo lo mejor! Cuidate!
Un beso,
Irina M

Ò_ó said...

jajajaja que graciosas las fotos con la niña, sí sigo viva, pronto pondré alguna entrada nueva, cuando los examenes y compromisos me lo permitan. Un abrazo!

ricardo said...

Aparte de lo maravillosas que son las fotos, me pareció retroceder en el tiempo y ver a la Chica en el campo, a long long time a go.
Un abrazo Sebas.

Crazy Drile said...

Hey! Irina! and writing in spanish! hahahhaha amazing!

Yeah! the time of my life in the Outback! Good rodeo...anytime, but the most biggest will be the next year (Mount Isa Rodeo, Queensland and Warrec Rodeo Queensland), but, in Queensland you'll can find rodeos all the time, just ask in some turism agency

Nice to see you here!

Un abrazo and keep in touch


PS: Where are you now????

Crazy Drile said...

Un gran abrazo Jefe, es increible esa foto de la ninita, me paso lo mismo, se parece a la Chica en alguna foto de la Laguna en el Campo

No se pierda Don Ricar

Saludos a los de la Puente's

Crazy Drile said...

Un abrazo Alba...estare esperando tu proximo capitulo

Un gran abrazo y saludos en Espana!

Crazy Drile