Thursday, 27 November 2008

GUAU! hot dog!

Hello there!... No, I'm not Crazy Drile, but i'm crazy as him. If you ever noticed in some comments someone with a dog aside, well, that's me: Ignacio Soto-Aguilar H., the creator/owner of GUAU!
He's a politician chilean dog, who critizes everything around him, but he. If you enter my (his) site, then you will see what i'm talking about. Although, you'll need to learn some spanish to fully enjoy his adventures. Today, GUAU! is walking around Santiago to show you how our country and people is. I hope you don't get disappointed.I want to thank Sebastián (CrazyDrile) for this little space in his blog.So, enter and be welcome to come back any time!IS-AH

Very soon, my little buddy will be shown and part of Bellas Artes Museum exposition about Chilean Comic & Graphic Narration during the last 200 years. So stay tuned!


Crazy Drile said...

Congratulations Mr. Guau! and thanks a lot for give to me one Guau! magazine autographed!!! (I´ll be millionare soon...he, he, he...)

Greetings Mates!
welcome to Chile...welcome to Paradise!

★ Crazy Drile

ps: God bless Chile!!!

Gabriela said...

Congratulations Guau for your comics, they are really diferents from te other ones.
I wish you the best. Greetings from Chillán,


IS-AH said...

Gabriela, thanks a lot for your nice comment and wishes.
Differece is what makes the world funny.


Mr. GUAU's Boss.

amy said...

Hello Is-ah ...

I like him .. he is very cute ...

Congratulations ...


Gabriela said...

Yes, you are quit right Mr. Guau´s boss," difference is what makes the world funny". It would be wonderful that everyone should think about it.