Monday, 10 November 2008


Some hour in the morning.....Watsons Bay, NSW, Australia
Once you catch a fish, your very first fish, you´re hooked...It´s the peace and quiet, a boat and, with any luck, a feed of fish cooked over a Campfire... There´s nothing better
Wether you are on an old jetty, a beach, rocks or a boat, fishing is relaxing and fun. The anticipation of a bite and the chance of landing a sizeable fish is the price
Hooks...There is a bewildering array of hooks manufactured. In every pattern of style there are different sizes, shank lenghts, strengths and finishes, point and eye positions. The most confusing is the numbering system, which designates the size...

This magnificent fish (Marlin Black...1000 kg), is undisputed prized gamefish in Australia. Its fighting qualities are legendary. It is defined by its very thick deep body which is rater rounded near the head, especially in larger fish. It has a short, thick upturned bill. The pectoral fin is always erect. Other fins can be folded and recessed into indentations to streamline the fish, reducing resistance. It is steel-blue above and white below. The flesh is white and good eating
When hooked, blue marlin are capable of stripping over 1000 mts. of line from a reel...Wow me if you can!

There are between 31.000 and 37.000 kilometers to fish around the Australian coastline. In fact there is more if you extend the shoreline measurement of a estuaries from their ocean entrance and add lakes that open periodically to the sea, not to mention the shorelines of Islands
The Fish- Bag & Size limits is regulated for the Australians law and at the same time, you need get your licence for fishing...(30 dollars aprox.)

Fish for the future...Size and bag limits exist to ensure sufficient stock of healthy breeding fish remain and the catch is shared fairly among anglers

Floats are very extremly effetive when fishing for some species. This is certainly true for mullet, garfish, tommy ruff and luderick. They can be useful for many other fish too, and really good for fishing in the rocks in Watsons Bay

Most people enjoy window shoping watching TV, or browsing around the stores, and according to statistics, we are not averse to impulse buying. The term ¨just lookers¨ is really a misnomer for the majority. The trouble is, if we are let loose amongst for the gadgetry without some knowledge of needs, uses and gimmickry, we can easily end up wasting a great of money and spoiling our own potential for enjoyment....sun, water, nature and fun...that´s fishing

The most common error by angling enthusiasts is to use a mismatched or unbalanced rod and reel. This can arise in any number of ways, the most common of which is an impulse purchase from supermarket where qualified advice is rarely available. Although some manufactures offer packaged outfits trought such outlets, specialist tacle shops generally offer a wider choice and thoughtful advice Mismatched gear can also eventuate when the would-be angler receives only one part of the equation -rod or reel- as a gift. The delighted recipient, blissfully unaware of the pitfalls, then rushes out to purchase the missing component. The result can be a frustratingly clumsy combination. Tackle can also be unbalanced if the line used is of an incorrect breaking-strain for the weight of the terminal items, such as swivels, sinkers, bait or lures. This may not only snap lines, with consequent losses, but it can actually reduce the casting potential of the rod. The overall result is exasperation, particularly if a nearby angler appears to be casting and retrieving effortlessly

Patience, patienceee.... & more patience...moooooore patience

My secret for catch Perch, Bream, yellowfin and black fish....sea weed, oh yeah Baby!

Look yummy and fresh! Ceasar salad for fish!

The blue marlin inhabits much the same waters as the black marlin but is less common and appears to prefer the deep, oceanic currents and to be more tolerant of cooler temperatures. Blue marlin can grow to more than 900 kg. and have been caught as far south as Storm Bay in Tasmania. It is a price game fish and some anglers consider it a tougher opponent than equivalent sized black marlin. Large blue marlin have been captured offshore of Bermagui, south of Sydney. Once hooked, a marlin of any size will put up a tremendous fight...
Before I go to anywhere new to fish, I read as much as I can about the location, using maps, books and articles. More importantly I will try day by day... once and another time until catch my own first Blue Marlin...

never give up.... never stop lovig it! see you soon Mates.... good catch!


IS-AH said...

Se nota que ya son tus últimos días en Australia, haciendo cosas más relajadas.

Es entretenido pescar. Apenas lo he hecho un par de veces, pero me gustó.

Ya recibí tu mensaje. Así que tipín 20 de Noviembre ya estaremos haciendo algo, su asaíto o algo así.
Te vay a quedar en Santiago o te vay pa Chillán???

Nos vemos. Saludos a Amy.

Hey, it looks these are your last days in Australia, fishing and doing some more relaxing activities.
I went fishing a couple of times, many years ago, but I liked it.

I got your message. So near November 20 we can make a Welcome Party or something like that. Are you staying in Santiago or go to Chillán???.

See you! Greetings to Amy. Is she coming too?

sarah said...

hey hun! great life!
love your way ;)

good luck!



Subongkot said...

Like they said ,if you give someone one fish , they can eat it for a day ..

But if you TEACH them HOW TO fish, they can eat fish for their life ..

let´s fishing

Un Beso


soy+pequeno said...

Hi Cazy Drile, yeah guy; sun, water, nature and fun... that´s fishing... and summer beach life with friends and girls!!! :x

Nice hooked on fishing!
Very nice Blog my friend! :D

Gabriela said...

Nice and wonderful hobby!!! You always fished here in Chile, it must be extraordinary to fish in Australia with all kid of fishes you can find there.
You get peace, armony and quietness. Good life!!!
Nice pictures and you look so happy too. Congratulations!!!

Kisses for you and Amy.
I am waiting for you.

kiwi said...

that's life mate!

have a good fishing Drile


Anonymous said...

It is incredible!
Wonderful photographer, brave cowboys and now also skilled fisherman!
There are other surprises?
ahahahha! Joke! by ...

Hello Sebastian, as I see you are and are still alive!
It is a strange time, one day I write to you and tell you my news.

See you soon

Elinge said...

Hola Crazy Drile:

Siempre he admirado la paciencia y la perseverancia de los pescadores allí abajo en medio del río, solitarios, me recuerdan una magnífica película:
'A River Runs Through It' traducida en España como 'El río de la Vida'
dirigida por Robert Redford, con Craig Sheffer, Brad Pitt y Tom Skerritt.
Un fuerte abrazo desde la Madre España.

Nicole said...

amazing shots, congratulations!

Watsons bay seems an incredible place

take care

Suruyevsky. said...

¡Suave pescao! It looks like a shark!. Swordfish?
I suppose that it isn't a photoshop.
Keep the "suruyos" on the sea, save the planet, hahahahah.

Crazy Drile said...

Mr Guau! yes, parece increible pero estaria llegando a Santiago de chile en unos dias mas...asi que disfrutando de los ultimos dias de pesca y disfrutando de la buena vida y buena mesa con Amy.

Mandame un mail a con tu telefono celular y de Conce pa armar algo

Los belmont soon
Saludos en tu familia


ps: Saludos de Amy

Crazy Drile said...

Love your way too Sarah....XOX

Keep in touch...catcha!


Crazy Drile said...

Thanks soy+pequeno... yeah, I think simple life is always better....more fresh air= less stress

Greetings in Spain my Friend



Crazy Drile said...

Thanks for your greetings Sra Gabriela...Amy send you greetings back, and she was smiling when we spoke min ago...seems spanish is funny hahhahhaha

Great fishing here! no words...just amazing!

Cu soon... Kiss back


Crazy Drile said...

that's life mate...and this sport it is better with one Cascade lager in your hand and another one in your bagpack....Catcha Kiwi

all the best!


Crazy Drile said...

Hey Antonella!!!! you are alive too!!!!!

Im so glad you are alive, and I will waiting for your e-mail O.K?

Greetings back in Italy and please TAKE CARE.


Crazy Drile said...

Hey Elinge! me alegro disfrutes de esta pagina web...nunca vi esa pelicula...vamos a ver que tal es

Un fuerte abrazo a Espana y mantente en contacto.


Crazy Drile

Crazy Drile said...

It is an amazing place....yesterday I was fishing and then sky and....Storm in one second! thunder, rain...scarring!!!!

But yeah! Im the lucky one....Im still alive! hahahhaha

Take it easy!
Cya Nicole


Crazy Drile said...

SUAE PESCAO! hahahahahahahahaha I can not stop laughing! hahahahhaha and trying to explain Amy what is SUAE PESCAO! hahahhahha!

Hey Mr chavas Im arriving soon in Mandriland so....I hope taste the holy flavor of the Chilean wine again!
and the palevecino chicha...and Royal guard Beer...or Escupo, doesn't matter! yeah! and Motoneta's fine restaurant! hahhahahhaha Cya Mate

Greetings Mr Suruyevsky

Crazy Drile

IS-AH said...

Correo enviado... revise.


Crazy Drile said...

OK! thanks Mate!

Lore Henriquez Villaseñor said...

tremendos pescaooosss jajajaaj...q lindoss.....supe q llegas luego a nuestro kerido pais....espero que disfrutes mucho tus ultimos dias por alla....cuidate mucho y nos veremos por ahi...cariños______

Crazy Drile said...

Hey Lore!
yep...pescar aca es increible, es como un capitulo de la serial LOST!

yep, estoy llegando a Chile pronto si Dios quiere, esperame con empanadas y chicha

Salu2 desde Australia.


Crazy Drile said...

God bless the Queen!

Don Mario said...

Estas imagenes me recuerdan a tebito tebito en san fabian!!! gran aventura que tuvimos junto a don salman jajajajaja, GRANDES RECUERDOS!!! ese dia logramos pescar 3 truchas si mal no recuerdo... jajajajaja pero el dia estubo increible!!! creo ke la sensacion de estar ahi, solo o con amigos, es lo mas valioso de estos momentos (como en la pesca) donde el ritmo de tu vida se hace mucho mas lento y lo disfrutas a concho.

Buenas seba, aunke no escriba muy seguido siempre estoy revisando tu pagina, y siempre me entero que locura estas haciendo!!!

Me imagino que pronto llegas a chile, porke ya casi se cumple un año desde ke te fuiste, eso si no nos veremos hasta abril mas o menos, porke yo el 14 de diciembre comienzo mi propia aventura en gringolandia, eso si por menos ke tu, ya que la visa paya es mas corta.

asi que estaremos en contacto, y desde ya tengo planeado pedirte un espacio en tu pagina, para contar algo de mi viaje. asi ke nos BELMONT loco

Cya Friend

Don wilson

Ò_ó said...

Hola! Me avergüenza reconocer que vivo a 10 metros del mar y nunca he ido a pescar, viendo tu blog realmente apetece :D, puede que un día me anime, me has inspirado.

Un saludo!!

amy said...

hello Don Australian ..

yesterday was the preview day of Australian movie .. there were many stars get-together ... , especially Nicole Kidman ..

Have a great time in Chile ..

See you soon ..



Crazy Drile said...

Excelentes recuerdos Don Mario! hahahhahahha justamente eso es la pesca! ya solo el hecho de compartir una cerveza helada y pasar un buen momento en la naturaleza y con un dia de pesca perfecto

Estaremos gurdando un capitulo para su viaje

vaya con Dios amigo!

Crazy Drile

Crazy Drile said...

Animate!...hey! seria un muy buen capitulo en tu blog Ò_ó

...yep, I want have a look in Spain


Crazy Drile

ps: aplica la chispa adecuada o.k?

Crazy Drile said...

did you met to Nicole Kidman??????

kiss u back my love

miss you Amy

Crazy Drile said...

Ò_ó said...

jajajaja publicidad y todo! madre mía que sorpresa! Nos vemos!!

Franchesca said...

¡Hola Cracy ,soy Franchesca.Gracias por tu comentario en mi blog ¡ha sido el primero de alguien diferente a mi familia! Tus imágenes de pesca y de Australia preciosas.Fran