Saturday, 26 January 2008

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, Mirjam!

Beach, making BBQ and preparing to celebrate and say PROST! The Birthdayf my girlfriend Mirjam ... Here are some photos ... Enjoy!

PS ... Carina is the name of this beautiful and Crazy Woman with Crazy Face to!
She have the Style! Someone wants to know her?


Gabriela said...

Mirjam: happy birthday to you!!!
I hope you had a good party and enjoyed a lot. I send you my greetings. Have a nice time!!!



Mirjam said...

Hello Gabriela,
thank you for the congratulations ... We had a really nice time and a lot of fun!!!
Kisses back to Chile

Germangirl said...

Hi my little Koala,
thank you for this great time on my party and your amazing pictures ... ;))
I hope you can put very soon the photos from yesterday on your page! I enjoyed to kiss you during the fireworks ...
your lazy lizard

Crazy Drile said...

Ich liebe dich, beatifull blaue Augen.

Für immer

Anonymous said...

heartily greetings to Mirjam and Sebastian from vienna. nice to see you :-)


Carina said...

That was such a good day! Mirjam...happy Birthday! I really enjoyed that day!

P.S. @Sebastian: Could you send me some pics??? U have really cool pics.
You have my e-mail addy right???

Crazy Drile said...

Send me all yours mail again O.K
All the best in your travel!
and write!!

You have the Style Baby!


Crazy Drile said...

Nice to meet you an Maren.
Miriam erzählte mir gute Dinge über dich.
Hoffentlich können wir bald.

Greetings in Wien.


ps...If you want, you can send me pictures to

gabriela said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!! Mirjam (muy tarde pero mejor que nunca)
Un cariñoso saludo de tu cuñada chilensis.
Un tremendo beso pa ti Seba!!
Te quiero mucho!!!!!!!
Wenas fotos crazy pictures!!!!!!!!
Cariños a los dos.

porfia pa la cueca said...

Escriba en Ingles no sea floja ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh????

Crazy Drile said...

Gracias Chika por tus saludos, yo se los traduje a Mirjam, te manda besos de vuelta para Chile, no cacha ni J de castellano.
Le conte de ti y del Tono, asi que a ver si luego nos podemos juntar los cuatro....donde?

Egipto, les suena apropiado?

Saludos familia
Kupfer de la Puente.

Atentamente, familia de la Puente Berdnt.

gabriela said...

Quién es porfia pa la cueca????
Familia De la Puente Berdnt, me parece bien egipto, si no fuera por mi claustrofobia, podríamos efectuar una reunión en alguna pirámide de moda!
Mejor podríamos ir a capturar duendes a Irlanda!!!
Mirjam, sorry for my Inglish, but I try to write as best as posible.