Thursday, 13 March 2008

German's travelers in Kiwiland

Savage Paradise, Home of Middle-earth, iland of the Maoris and the all Blacks house's, amazing landscapes, incredible nature and film locations which brought Peter Jackson's movie trilogy The Lord of the Rings 2001 to 2003. My girlfriend Mirjam is traveling now in these magic lands and she send to as this incredibles pics from the late's trip to New Zealand. Enjoy the Milfort's and Fiorland wiews...Prost!
More information about the beautiful locations used to make these incredible films in

Ich lieve dich frangipanni


Gabriela said...

Dear Mirjam: I am coming from my work late at night, but I want to say you that your pics are wonderful, and the place is marvelleus, it is a mistic place. Thanks for showing us this beatiful places. You must tell us all about the leyend of this place.
I hope you are enjoying this moment. I have no doubt of that.

Sarah said...

great landscapes

enjoy your trip

gabriela said...

hola Mirjam!!!! congratulations for this pics, WONDERFUL!!!! "the lords of the rings"!!!! sisisisisi
Sorry for my Inglish! kisses!
Wena Seba!!!! la caga las fotos de su sra. apropiado sisisiisisiis
Perdón por lo desaparecida pero tengo full pega!
Besos y cuidense!!!!

Mirjam said...

Hello from New Zealand!
At first I have to say thank you to Sebastian for making this chapter and thank you for your comments.
Yes, i'm in the land of "the lord of the rings" and yesterday we watched Part II in our campervan and tried to compare our pictures with the scenes in the movie. One mountain was the same ... Sisisisisisisi...
This country is really beautiful and the weather at the moment is very sunny and dry.
I will tell you everything if i'm back and i really enjoy all this places but someone is missing...
Greatings to Chile and kisses

p.s. your english is good. i could understand everthing...

Giovanni Lucca said...

Meravigliose immagini di paesaggi
Buon viaggio

Giovanni L.

Crazy Drile said...

I´m waiting 4u.
Ich Lieve Dich Blaue Augen.
And I miss you too.

Gabriela said...

Dear Mirjam. How are you? Please send us mor pics to enjoy them. Tell us more about New Zeland, and what are you visiting.
I sent Seba some pics of Termas de Chillán, Chile, to know something about our country.
I invite you to visit us.

kisses and have a nice time.

Mirjam said...

Dear Gabriela! Today i will send more pics to Sebastian. Thank you for your invitation to Chile. I will come someday... Promise!!!

Gabriela said...

Dear Mirjam!
I have been asking for you Sebastian, because I miss you in blog¨s pics. I hope you are enjoging a lot. No doubt!
Te us about your travel, and when you are going to come back.



VALDE said...

Hola amigo Sebastian ,lo primero felicitarte por estas vellas imagenes son preciosas,bravo eres un artista buen amigo,referente a hiper realismo de bic si estoy de acuerdo, es un clasico,gracias por tus comentarios en mi blog. he subido a mi blog información de la vienal 2008 en tu lo deseas puedes visitar el pots que he subido ,y bueno a todos tus amigos .un abrazo de tu amigo.

Pato Lara said...

Kiu DelaPoint como va,espectaculares paisajes los q te rodean al igual q los del sur de chile y de este pais llamado Noruega,te mando un abrazo gigante y exitoen todo y dejame a las australianas tranquilas q luego ire para alla,se despide Patricio Lara.
Gramde DelaPoiint