Saturday, 15 March 2008

For the love of the flag

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi !

Add in a blender machine a spoon of vegemite, two akubra's hats, a lot of beer, 2 smile's, 3 thank you, 1 G'day, mate!, 5 you'r welcome, 3 sorry, 6 kangaroo's, two wallabies, 4000 yachts, 3015 boats, a lot of red sand ... A little bit of passion fruit juice, five parts of patriotism, 30 ml to helpfully attitude, 2 hangover's and a lot of ice ... mix well and serve cold garnished with slices of lime or lemon. Cheers! À votre santé!


Sarah said...

Hey hun great party last nigth!
hangover? I'm dying
See you in Jackson's ;)

Sarah said...

Check your mail

Anonymous said...

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi !

Crazy Drile said...

hey folks! what's going on?
Thanks 4 your comments, some pics to this chapter are from Australia's day and the gorgeous yachts are from Darling Harbour and Harbour Britge too.

Yes you are not dreaming...compassofthenorth web site has some changes...

FIRST, In the upper right is located a slideshow showing publishing pictures of different locations around the world.

SECOND.. down all the chapters in the end you will find videos selected from youtube which could see without having to close the website.
It is recommended to turn on the speakers from your computers.

Enjoy these new changes for the benefit of yourselves. Cheers!!!!

See ya in Jackson's!

Crazy Drile

PD> If you have hangover compassofthenorth recommended drink a cold Corona with some slice to lemon on top...I'm going for one...

Crazy Drile said...

Where are you Maja????

Giovanni Lucca said...

Nessun commento!
Hai un sorprendente lavoro qui
Congratulazioni crazy drile

Buona fortuna

Giovanni L.

Antonella said...

GOOD! It's a perfect cocktail!!

Antonella from Italy

Crazy Drile said...

Grazie per il tuo commento Antonella. Se si desidera che posso fare qualche cocktail per voi.

Cin cin...Salute!

Keep in touch,

What is the address to your blog ????

Anonymous said...

Saludos Cordiales Sebastian gracias por tus comentarios ,me es grato que se han de tu agrado, he visitado tu pagina y he podido disfrutar de la naturaleza viva de tu pais ,bravo tu pagina me trasmite buenas vibraciones
lo que veo,seguiré tu blog. tu amigo de España- Francisco

Crazy Drile said...

Thanks to everyone for your great comments.
This kind of thinks makes the diference and at the same time the diferents countries around the world can be most united for culture, art and good works.
I think is the Power to the dreams mixed with the power to comunications and inspiration.

Step by step, we can make a little bit a better world.

Greetings to all,

Sebastian de la Puente

PS...Welcome to Compass of the North Antonella and Giovanni from Italy and Francisco from Spain.

Pedro said...

People from everywhere meeting at Compassofthenorth !!!
Australia, Germany, Spain, Italy, Chile, Mars, Melmac...
Congratulations to you, Crazy-Drile, you are creating a New-Babylon.
Cheers for that and for the Australia's Day.-

nona said...

Yeah! Canada tiene el inglés y el francés como idiomas oficiales, pero el frances sola se habla en la region del Quebec. Yo también todos lo canadienses que conozco (hasta el momento) hablan en inglés. Y suerte, porque yo de francés poco, lo mío es catalan. :)

good night!!

y q pasada kiwiland!

Crazy Drile said...

Thanx Nona 4 your answer my cuestion...Crazy Drile is very happy perquè ha conegut a la primera catalana de la seva vida.
A pleasure to meet you Maja.
Un gran beso para ti.
Good luck with you Ice Skating in Toronto, Canada!

Pedro, so long time wath's going on in Melmac or Monkeyland? Something new?...hahahahah yep WELCOME TO BABYLON!!!!
Check your mail.

Greetings to all!

Pedro said...

Further information about Melmac:

Crazy Drile said...

Hey people, this is the home to Pedro...

Melmac was a fictional planet in the television series ALF. The name is a joke reference to the Melmac brand of dinnerware made popular in the 1950s.

Melmac was discovered 23,000 years ago when Harold Twink accidentally took the wrong exit for Neptune.[1] Although ALF described the planet's demise as having exploded in a freak boating accident one night while he was out in his Orbit Guard patrol ship,[1] the real reason was a nuclear war.[2] Other explanation given during the show on the reason why Melmac exploded was that all melmacians turned on their hair-dryers at the same time and by pure coincidence, thus causing the explosion of the planet. Melmac was located six parsecs past the Hydra-Centaurus Supercluster. Melmac was very much like Earth but it had two moons, it was oddly shaped and made of Melmac,[3] Melmac had green skies and blue grass, and it orbited a purple sun.[4]

Do you accept work and holiday Visa in Melmac?


Crazy Drile

Crazy Drile said...

Mr Melmac...Check the videos at the end of this page, the first one is very interesting is about Concepts to Aussie Arquitecture

Se ya

Maka Paz said...

Seba que rico volver a saber de ti, veo que lo has pasado mal en tus viajes jajajaj, las fotos estan increibles, asi que espero hacerte una visita pronto...
En chile se te extraña mucho

Mijke said...

Zeer interessant blog
Gefeliciteerd gek man
Tot ziens

Groet vooraf Holland,

Crazy Drile said...

Hey Maka! gracias, he tratado de sacar las fotos que puedan representar mejor el viaje y Australia para que asi otra gente pueda viajar a traves de compassofthenorth

Se te extrana tambien por aca, sobretodo en los carretes...que recuerdos... lo pasarias increible!
A big kiss 4u2 Maka! Saludos por la U del desarrollo Conce!

ya sabes como ubicarme...

Catchya later!

Antonella said...

Hi Sebastian,

my blog is newborn!
The address of my blog is:
I will come back to visit you!


Antonella said...

I am sorry, but I think that maybe I did a little confusion!
What is your name? Sebastian or Crazy Drile?


Crazy Drile said...

Noup... you'r O.K my name is Sebastian and my nick name is Crazy Drile
Siete sempre i benvenuti in compassofthenorth Antonella.

Grazie per il tuo commento

Un piacere

IS-AH said...

Que wenas fotos!

Era el día nacional de Australia???

Parece que saben celebrar bien estos gringos. Como está comparado con nuestro 18 de sep? Parece que esto es harto más civilizado...



Crazy Drile said...

Hey! Mr. Guau!... whats going on?
So long time! yep the Australia's day is amazing!
You can see all the crazy people with australian flags paint faces tatoos and a lot a looooot of beer for all the city...sometimes 4 free...

In Darling Harbour and harbour britge i saw fireworks and lights boats shows! Es la caga!

Congratulations for
take it easy man!

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi !

Crazy Drile said...

PS...Send me some pics from your last trip

Se ya!

IS-AH said...

Thanks for your congrats, mate.

Lucky you, being there to live the real spirit of australian culture!

Are you still working at the hotel? (hasta cuando es tu visa de trabajo? escuche por aca que dura 6 meses, nomás).


Crazy Drile said...

You'r welcome!

Yeah! I'm really lucky to be here...yep I'm sitll working in Four Seasons and you'r o.k with my Visa you can work 6 month and then see you later aligator. So yeah, in the las days of april my contract step, I don't know now but maybe I will go to travel around Australia or maybe Tasmania just 4 fun and then maybe i will go to the Northern Territorry, the Australian Outback because this is the other face to can find big farms, deserts, camels a lot of red sand, Savage Kangaroos, Aboriginal people, spectacular Wildlife and the famous Kakadu National Park and always you can find something to do yeah, thats my schedule at the moment.
Check this page

Crazy Drile

Greetings 4 your family and Zobako Yayo too you have some new dog in your house now? like Indy???

Crazy Drile said...

and check that too...

Gabriela said...

Seba: salvaje la celebración del día de Australia, super entusiasta todo el mundo y las fotos son maravillosas. Que lindo el colorido.
Los cambios que le hiciste al blog son fabulosos, te quedó precioso y buenísimo.
Las vistas de la India son impresionante. Ahora voy a ver los otros links que pusiste en tu comentario.
Te estoy mandando en este momento las fotos te las termas y del spa, y algunas de nuestro trabajo...ah y las de surf de Pichilemu.

Gabriela said...

Acabo de ver los links sobre Australia que pusiste en tu comentario. Son fabulosos, claro que son para revisarlos entero, porque es para aprender una enormidad sobre ese país.


tal-caco said...

Buenísimo todo, algo diferente a nuestras ramadas....
me encantó el trabajo de luces sobre los yates, el efecto es mágico!!!
Saludos y abrazos!!!

IS-AH said...

No new dog! Just the same old Indy. He's near the century now (in a dog's life)... A f**kn' living legend!

And we hope he live at least a couple of years more!

See you.


Crazy Drile said...

Yep, el juego de luces fue impresionante sobretodo, en unos 45 min representaron en el puerto la Conquista de Australia con Barcos de la epoca reales y marinos haciendo piruetas en las velas...mientras nativos reales mostraban sus destresas en sus canoas de tronco...IMPRESIONATE, pero lamentablemente las fotos salieron borrosas y negras, asi que solo pude rescatar eas de llos yates que iban cambiando de color al compas de la musica de una cantante de Opera que estaba en un muelle flotante al medio de todo...AMAZING!

Saludos para todos Caco!

Me alegro verte de nuevo por mi pagina!