Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Irish Blood...Irish Beer!

A leprechaun is small and green, he hides where he cannot be seen. But if you catch one on this day, he must give his gold away!

Let's wear green and dance a jig, dance a jig, dance a jig...
let's wear green and dance a jig, on St. Patrick's day
The person who visit this site will have 10 years of good luck and if you leave your comment will have a long and thriving life
Good luck for all and... happy st. Patrick's day!


gabriela said...

Wenas fotos, cuidado heeeeeee!!!!
Acá fue el dia de la "piscola" jajajja valorsh del terror!!!!
Podrías conseguirme uno de esos sombreros, como de duende! sisisisiisisis

Pedro said...

"Welcome to the Irish way of life".
Apparently is the same chilean-alcoholic way of life, but with beer, hahahahahah.
More information about Saint Patrick:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Patrick

Gabriela said...

I want have a long and thriving life!!!! Prosit!!! Salutti, Cheers, Sante, Salud!!!! Happy St. Patrick's day.
What a nice place to drink beer.
To drink beer like this is like a poem. I don't drink beer, but from now on I will do it. glu glu glu glu...


Michaela said...

helloooooo sebastian!

st. patricks day was great!!!!
fantstic pix again. :)

soooo, what about skydiving ??? *hehe* heeeeey...well I have not a lot time but if its possible I jump with you.

oh yes, what about ROYAL NATIONAL PARK??? Chloe and me wanna go again...maybe at the 29 of march??
let me know.


ps: u have the syle ;)

Crazy Drile said...

Hey! Good Morning! hahahahaha
Jump again?...yes, but this time with a pint of Guinness on my hand!
Really awesome pics we have the style Mate! we make a great job last night.
Royal National Park...where is that?...
ah! The Sydney Royal Easter Show is cooming soon! the show runs for fourteen days over the Easter period, starting on 20th march...is in Olympic Park...sounds great 4u?


Crazy Drile said...

The doctor Crazy Drile recommended...

Celebrate st. Patrick's Day with a pint of Guinness, not only will you be joining the irish spirit, recent studies from the University of Wisconsin have found that antioxidant compounds in the Irish nectar may prevent blood clots.

Excuses... excuses

Gabriela said...

Well done Seba!!!

Thanks for the recomendations.-


nona said...

Yes, catalan is like a mixture, but it sounds very well. Skating is great fun, especially if you can do it outside, in a sunny day and in a city like Toronto.

Bona nit (in catalan)


Crazy Drile said...

Danke 4 the information Pedro!
St. Patrick's here it was amazing!
really in five minits you are a Leprechawn and your face is green step by step, or drink by drink
I can't still writing because i'm looking some gold in this minit...

Seya! and thanx again

ps...do you have the book already?
let me know

tanto tiempo...que te habia pasado? pense que estabas de viaje con Antonio...como va eso? a que pais se van al final????

no worries at all! I have your Irish Hat with me! los con forma de trebol que aparecen en las fotos

Write in english again...lazy Pionka..catchya later!

Hey Gabriela, read the advice from the Crazy Drile's Doctor!
The most healthy diet is Guinness!!

Thanks 4 write in Catalan Nona! I wrote something 4u in PuntdeFuga
Bona nit Maja

See ya people!

...where is my pot of gold?

Paul said...

Great pics and Irish videos Seba
Good work


Crazy Drile said...

Yeah! and the SLIDESHOW is Ireland too


Gabriela said...

Crazy drile: read your gmail, because I have already sent some pics of Termas de Chillán.


Crazy Drile said...

I'm going...thanks,

Shahana said...

hmm, seems you have spent time with a lot of fun (in Bangla)"mone hocche apni khub mojar shomoy katiyechhen"

Crazy Drile said...

‏شكرا جزيلا.

Antonella said...

And I thought that it was the feast of beer! aahah....
Instead it was the feast of Saint Patrice!!
In Ireland, 17 March is St. Patrick's Day... St. Patrick is the patron of the island and the the population celebrates this National Day with songs, masks, parades and processions,it's right?
Also you are Irish?
Then I deserved ten years of fortune?

A big kiss

Crazy Drile said...

Tanx 4 your comment Antonella...You'r all right with the informaion about St. Patricks Day...and really we spend a very good time in this pub...I'm not Irish but this people is amazing and really when you drink your 8th guinness beer your face looks like an Irish! hahahha

Grazie per il tuo commento Antonella
Un grosso bacio per voi


PS...yep Lucky Italian Girl!
Avrete 10 anni di buona fortuna e di una vita lunga e prospera troppo!

Germangirl said...

You have a lot of fun without me -this is not very polite ;))
I have a lot of fun here as well but i think in sydney are living more people than in whole new zealand. so our parties are only with 5 people. hahahahahahahahahaha...
i send you a lot of kisses and i love you so much!
your frangipanni

Sarah said...

hey hun we are making something 4
let me know if you want to come :)

Anonymous said...


enjoy :))

gabriela said...

A COLOMBIA!!! Los pasajes !!!!Achopapá Que que!!!!
Siiiii the day? it¨´s coming, sun, beach,Rumba music,cha cha cha, and all inclusive!!! siiiiii I mean "ALL INCLUSIVE" I m so so happy happy!!!!!!! very Soon the pictures, the most beatifull pictures sisisisisisiss.
Apropiadooooooo (sin traducción)
Es la Chik! achopapa!!!
P.d: No queda otra que tratar de chapurrear en ingles, perdón por las faltas, trabajamos para Ud.

Crazy Drile said...


Congratulations 4 the travel to Colombia! soon...when?
Is in a Yacht,boat,Cruiser, Airplane? Bicycle, Skate, Horse,
Car, Bus, Train, Ski, Helicopter, Submarine, swimming or walking?
and what is Achopapa?????

yeah! we are waiting 4 the pics, so take a lot, and send me an email o.k???
See you later AZUUUUUUUUUKA!

pd...I'm waiting 4 my souvenir too ehhhhh?????????? se ya!

pd 2...Taste Coconut milk! or coconut water...amazing!

gabriela said...

El 5 de Abril!!!!!! ACHOPAPAQUEQUE (dicho polupar sacado de una telenovela nueva) ajjajajja
Sisisisiisiis apropiado!!!
souvenier? off course my horse!!!! just whait!!! a moment..... sisisisiisis!!!! for you and Mirjam sisisisi!!!
Estamos en la cuenta regresiba anciosos por irnos luego!
Kisses my little monkey!!!

adio!! arrivederci!!! aufidersen!!orbua mon cheris!!!! Chao pescao!

Crazy Drile said...

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Crazy Drile said...

Link of the week


kalenuik said...

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high quality work

Sarah said...

Amazing work! the paints are great!
Really is 100% pure quality art
Thanks Sebastian for telling us :)