Monday, 5 May 2008

flavors from thailand

Yesterday was an other incredible day... I was in heaven tasting a lot of Thai meals cooked for Joy, Emma, Amy and Kai. Never before I had seen so many people so generous and grateful like people from Thailand. Thanks Thai Mates for this wonderful invitation...Thanks Joy for making this wonderful dinner for us...thanks from Mirjam and me...Cheers!!!


Mirjam said...

Hi Emma, Amy and Joy!
Now I have to say thank you by myself again for this great dinner. I tried the food and it was delicious... I really liked it! I'm very complicated with food because i don't eat everything and as i was a child my parents got crazy with me...
Really thank you again. I enjoyed this time very much.
See you soon

gabriela said...

mmmmmm ñamiiii delicious!!! sisisisiissisis!!!!
Great food!!!!

IS-AH said...

Como estay.

Buenas fotos. Veo que cada día lo pasan mejor en Australia. Y si es comiendo, mejor. Se ve rica la comida.


ignacio (pasando las penas...)

Crazy Drile said...

Yeah! the Thai food was really good!...Phantastic! Spicy and with a lot of flavor...the roast Chicken wings is super-delicious, with crispy skin and the Fish Cookies was Wow!...and rice with green curry....I'm hungry once again!

Thanks Again!
When is the next time????

Juliane said...

Hey Seba and Mirjam,
yummy, this is just the onliest word i can say! YummY!!!
Greeting from the outback!!!

Suruyevsky. said...

What a quantity of food!!!. It looks very-very-very delicious.
I'm going to Thailand right now!

Antonella said...

I have just lifted out of bed (in Italy now it's 5:30 in the morning) and saw the photo of the table prepared with all the grace of God I must say that I was watering mouth and a certain appetite! !
A huge hello to you and to Miriam!

Hiraeth said...

Hi Seba! How are you old boy?! Fron you pics I think fine, you and your girlfriend looks very happy and it's nice for me seeing your course the photos are wonderful as usual! A hug! :)
P.S. I'll write you soon...

Gabriela said...

Hi Seba. Como siempre una experiencia inovidable. Preciosas las fotos. Mmmm que rica se ve la comida y sobretodo tiee mucho colorido. Felicitaciones!!!

Te mandé un mail a tu gmail para contarte del cambio de casa. Ojalá lo puedas leer.

Saludos a Mirjam.


Crazy Drile said...

Hey people!... I'm a little bit stressful with my lasts day in my job.
Thanks to all 4 your comments!
Nexts chapters I hope from the Outback Australia...

Anonymous said...

hello mr. ricardo .
thannk you for being our guests ..., we are happy to have you and your girlfriend with us .. we had a great time ...

Let us know when your guys are free , we will have a big party

Lots of love