Saturday, 17 May 2008

next station...Katoomba

In my last train travel to the wenthworth falls I could saw those places have something magic, these littles towns don't know about time or years...those towns are frozen in the time withouth ATM, consumerism or Internet conections... a Coke, one meat pie, some music in my Ipod and sunglasses is the best company for two and a half hours traveling to Katoomba...enjoy this shots!...and welcome to the past where any clock or calendar work anymore


Sarah said...

hey hun..can I steal one pic? Mmmmmm the second one? ;)

Antonella said...

Yeah, this town seems very nice!
What music are you listening usually with your Ipod?


D.Doms said...


ricardo said...

Congratulations real cowboy. Que parecidos los lugares al sur de Chile. Incluída la chimenea prendida, con calor de hogar.
Un fuerte abrazo.

Terra said...

Wow, very cool stuff here!

Anonymous said...


Crazy Drile said...

Hey Mates! Thanks 4 your comments...I'm really sorry for reply so late but I'm running all the time know

Hey Sarah! just steal the a good one just for AU $90 ! hahhahha Cya Crazy Oi girl

Crazy Drile said...

Hey Mates! Thanks 4 your comments...I'm really sorry for reply so late but I'm running all the time know

Hey Sarah! just steal the a good one just for AU $90 ! hahhahha Cya Crazy Oi girl

Crazy Drile said...

Ciao Antonella...depends of my trip but I love Irish Music, Country Music like Adam Brand, Nickelback, Silverchair, Willie Nelson, Garth Brooks, Johnny Cash, Lee Kernaghan, Kirsty Lee ASkers, Peter Denahy, Lou Bradley, Jetty Road, James Blundell, The Pigs, Matt Sculiion, Ruckus, Graham Rodger, The noll Brothers, Amber Lawrence, Amos Morris, The Mcclymonts, Jeff Brown, Crakajak, Morgan Evans, Sara Storer, Adam Harvey, Gine Jeffreys, Peter Pratt, The Creedence, Chris Ledoux, etc....Scotish and Celtic Music....U2, Sarah Maclahan, Tracy Chapman, Roger McGuinn, Foo Fighters,Beasty Boys, Hoobastank, Karsh Kale, Rolling Stones, Guns and Roses, Nirvana, Green Day, Frank Sinatra, Metallica, Rammstein, Limp Bizkit, Yann Tiersen, Linking Park,

And I love Soundtracks like The Gladiator, perfume de Mujer, Deep Blue, The Matrix, Brave Hearth, Amelie, etc etc etc.. and the last time some selecction from DJ Findus from Italy

Un bacio from Australia

Crazy Drile said...

Trate de escribir en espanol Daniela, vamos que se puede!...Saludos por Brasil

Crazy Drile said...

Don Ricar alegro verlo por el ciberespacio...yep this place is amazing...unfortunatly I couldn't take good pics because It was raining cats and dogs and in the! Like a freedge!

Thanks 4 your pics, check your hotmail

Take care, and greetings to all
your Son

PS...please answer my cuestion about John Deere!...chek your mail ASAP

Hiraeth said...

I have always thought that trains and raistations had an incredible fashion, the feeling of the trip, the flash of moments you see through the windows...fantastic feelings, beautiful pics as your usual! Un beso! ;)

gabriela said...

Wenas Fotos my Love brother!!!!
Its god to see this place!!
Que lindo lugar! En verdad se parece al sur de Chile!
Te mando un besoooo

Tom said...

G'day Crazy Chilian
really cool place here like a national geographic

amy said...

hello mr. ricardo ..

i can feel that you are very happy with this journey , a little happiness in your eyes and your smiles ..... Keep on travelling and taking a lot of nice pics ...



Crazy Drile said...

Yeah DJ findus...It's something special for me too some train travel...I remember I was a child and here in Australia I'm traveling all the time to my work in train...listening some music on my Ipod (I stold some songs to your page oh yeah! Italian baby)

buona fortuna bella strega e l'italiano hechizera
un bacio per voi

Crazy Drile said...

Pionka! donde te habias metido??? pense que estabas de vuelta en Colombia vendiendo cholgas y jaivas despues de tu buceo!

Yeah! son un poco parecidos al sur de Chile pero tambien son un poco escalofriantes, no hay nadie en las calles estan totalmente desiertos, vive pura gente anciana y extrana, la mayoria al menos, son muy helados y se respira un aire misterioso y escalofriante como en la serial de twin piks...del terror pero a la vez interesante a cagar!

Un beso chika y saludos al Tono
keep in touch,


PS...que pasa con sus nuevos proyectos laborales..mandeme un mail

Crazy Drile said...

thanks Amy, I will and no worries, when I come back to Sydney I hope still eating your magic food O.K?


ps...I'm not a bit happy...I'm sooooooooooooooooooooo fkg Happy! Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihaaaaaaa!!!
hahahhahahha take care

Crazy Drile said...

G'day Tom! thanx mate 4 your
comment and welcome to Compass of the North all the time

Cya Mate!

Crazy Drile said...

Greetings to Austria

tal-caco said...

querido sobrino!! tantas lunas!!
Estoy medio colgado!? estás trabajando en esta granja como pensabas o solo fue un paseo?
Las fotos son espectaculares y me imagino Twin Piks perfectamente!!
sacando cuentas, vas en la mitad de tuviaje, parece nada!! y tantas experiencias increibles vividas!!!
un abrazo grande!!
p.d. tienes facebook? ojalá para comunicarnos más seguido y que veas las fotos de las primas!!

Shahana said...

yeah I am still in Bangladesh may be next 2 years I wont go for any long trip. And you are also staying in Australia for long time? what are you doing here?