Thursday, 29 May 2008

Nan Tien Temple

"Renunciation" is to liberate orselves from the affliction of birth and death, renounce orselves from fame and material wealth

"Cultivation" is to observe and propagate the teachings of Budda, to help orselves and assist others to acquire purity of mind and harmonious living.

A day's Life in the Temple Nan Tien depicts scenes and sentiments af everyday life for a monastic, shining forth the Buddhish Light.
Thanks Subongkot Kwunchaithunya (Amy), for sharing this magic day and teaching me to enjoy every single moment in this life.


IS-AH said...

Como estay!

Que excelentes fotos. ¿Dónde es eso? ¿en Australia o alguna parte de Asia? Está espectacular el lugar. Ideal para relajarse y meditar.

Cuando volvai vay a tener que contar todos los secretos asiáticos de relajación. Más de uno tendrai que haber aprendio con esa chinita...

Suerte en la nueva pega. Una nueva aventura, supongo.


amy said...

thank you for the pictures i have already sent to all my friends,hope you do not mind to share the nice picutres ..

actually, the magic always happen to us everyday ..., soemtime we just overlook it ..

Buddha bless you


ricardo said...

¿Qué hace un cowboy en un templo de Buda? Eso si que no me lo imaginaba, la existencia de esas maravillas orientales y con Guía Turística incluída. Felicidades.

Gabriela said...

Seba: No doubt it is a privilege of God te be there in a magic place and living magics moments.
It is a great emotion to me see you in the middle of these pics, in one of the most important place you have visited, and you know that is my best dream to visit something like that where you can purifie your body an SOUL. You are a fortunate person, because of your way of being, and because you believe in dreams and the most important : IN YOURSELF. God bless you and my congratulations for walking along this life with only one target: "the compass of your north"

I miss you, and I´m very proud of you.

your mother

Crazy Drile said...

Mr. Guau! what's going?
Yep, the Temple NAN TIEN, is the most biggest Budish Temple in shot's this time can't show the reality because is really amazing place and you can feel really peace and armony with the world and your self...sounds like crap but is true

Greetings in your Home and your Family

Crazy Drile

PS...yeah, is Australia but when you are there you are felling like you are 300 years ago in China or Japan...and look the pagoda is just Wow!

Crazy Drile said...

Yeah Amy, you can still all this pics of course
Thank you for be my guide and show me this mistic place, and thanks a lot for your gifth 4 good luck
I put already the anchor to my ship in my bag


Captain Ricardo

Crazy Drile said...

Mom and Dad
Bouth was in my mind in every single moment in this magic place and bouth are in my wishes represented for the flame to my own candle

The next day to my visit early in the morning thousand of Monks prayed for every soul and every wish shining in the Temple

thanks for your support in this mystical trip

Stay the Course,

your Son


IS-AH said...

Amazing trip.

In what part of Australia is this located? Near your new workplace?

Maybe what you said was a little 'clichè', but i believe it might be true. Looks like a magic place, an oasis in the middle of the desert. The best place to put your thoughts straight.

Amy was a guide or a new friend?

Hope you and you family are all right. Good Luck!


Crazy Drile said...

Hey! hi again Mr. Guau
Amy is a friend and Work Mate in the Four Seasons too
This place is located in direction south to Sydney 3 hours in UNANDERRA, you need catch one train and travel looking the Ocean Pacific on your Left and Jungle and Mountains in your Right side.

A few people knows about this magic place...and believe me IS MAGIC

Saludos a toda su familia tambien Ignacio,
Un gran abrazo desde Sydney Compadre

Crazy Drile

gabriela said...

Que wenas fotos, pero coinsido con el papá, que haces ahii?? donde estas??? que lindo, o mejor aúnj quién es ella???
tinuninu tinuninu!!!!!!

Suruyevsky. said...

Beautiful pics, Crazy-buddhist-drile.
But there are some questions:
1.- Where Amy comes from?;
2.- As Don Ricar said: What is a cowboy doing in a Buddhist Temple?;
3.- Are there any Buddhist Temple on Sydney?
Finally, information from the Mandrilland Files:
- 1.9% of the australian population is Buddhist = 391.000 people.

Crazy Drile said...

K talca! es un templo Budista el mas garnde de un templo Chino ubicado a tres horas en tren al sur de Sydney, por un camino parecido como ir al Machu Pichu en Peru...pero aca tienes el oceano rompiendo las olas contra las rocas a tu derecha y selva y jungla a tu izquierda....luego llegas a un lugar en medio de la nada y sin nadie y caminas subiendo a un monte en medio de un bosque en donde esta el Templo...fue una experiencia alucinante y pude escribir con tinta china una oracion por mi viaje y Amy me regalo un amuleto budista para mi travesia....un timon de barco hecho en madera por los monjes...le conte que el papa me habia regalado un timon tambien y que nosotros los de la Puente hablabamos muchas veces haciendo alucion a barcos, brujulas, tavesias y timones...como siempre hablamos con el papa o cuando nos regalo a mi ese timon y a ustedes con Tono esos jarrones de la armada

Ella es un misterio por el momento tinuninutinuninu....hahahhahaha

Un beso Pionka
take it easy!

Seba....o como me dice Amy
Captain Ricardo

Crazy Drile said...

Mr. Suruyevsky...the answers

She's from Thailand...Amy is the Australian Name, but the real one is Subongkot Kwunchaithunya, she believe in Buddha is her religion

Second cuestion...What's a cowboy doing in a Buddhist Temple?...answer...I don't know hahahahhahahh

3...Yeah! here you can find a lot of Buddhist Temple, but this one is the most biggest and spectacular...really my shot's are like shit this time, but the temple is amazing

Greetings in Mandriland

Crazy Drile

Antonella said...

Wonderful photos and congratulations to Amy, is a very nice girl and she has a very sweet face! The temple is located in Australia? I am fascinated by photos of this temple in which it seems raises a mystic and a sense of inner peace!

A hug

p.s. You are the man of surprises!...
and so you know even write in Chinese language?

Crazy Drile said...


(that's mean... of course I can write in Chinese!)

hahahhahhahahah I'm joking...This day I wrote something in chinese mandarin with real ink but Amy help to me

Yeah, you need come to Australia Antonella and visit this mystic place renews your spirit and your soul



hey, ho ottenuto il mio nuovo lavoro, Io vado a lavorare a nord di Australia in mandrie di cavalli, tori e delle aziende agricole yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihhhaaaa! presto si possono vedere le foto

Reza dal mio

Un abbraccio per l'Italia (what do you think about my Italian? eh? hahhahah) Now is your turn to write in time

Shahana said...

wow, what a place, where it is? is it in Singapore?

Crazy Drile said...

Hey Shahana! nice to see you here!

Noup, is incredible but is Australia...Chinese Buddish temple
the most biggest here...just amazing

You still living in Bangladesh?

Greetings from nexts greeting's...from the Australian Outback yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihhhaaa!!

Keep in touch,


John said...

That's Australia?

Crazy Drile said...

No Mate! that's Brasil and I'm Batman

Alison said...

Grande site félicitations Crazy Drile. bonne chance dans votre prochain voyage.

message de félicitations de la France

amy said...

hello antonella

Warmest greetings from Sydney ..

thank you very much for your lovely comment ... It was a great spiritual trip to visit the temple .. it is peaceful place to purify your soul and recharge you with the positive and loving energy of the universe ...

Actually, It was raining on that day ,, after the rain, the sky became clear with the sunshine ...

Like us when we have problems , we feel sad and blue .., Once we know the cause of the problem , we then find the solution.., it make our mind clearer and know what to do to solve the problems .. it is the same rule with the rain ...after the rain, it has the sunshine ..

The buddha teachs us that LIfe is too short so please enjoy every single moment of your life and be happy ...

Buddha bless you ...


Antonella said...

Hei! Cowboy! congratulations on your new job, I expect to see your photos ... Your italian? .. I can say that my favorite pupil is being applied ... but also my Spanish is not bad (even if 'English is better) ... Next time I will make myself to you a dedication in Spanish waiting ... and see! you will be open mouth! ahahahh

Adiós muchacho

Antonella said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Antonella said...

Thank you Amy,
your words are for me like a ray of sunshine on this day in which even I feel sad and blue!


Baol said...

Wow, seem really that the world isn't big enough for you, when you'll come in Italy? :)

Gabriela said...

It is very grateful for me to meet you through Captain Ricardo´s blog, because I could saw you in the pics in the middle of this magic trip, and wonderful meaning for both of you and for me too, because I love Oriental Philosophy and I admire Oriental people.-
Thanks you for giving me through your face your clean soul and pure sight.-
God and Budda bless you.-

Gabriela (Captain Ricardo´s mother)

IS-AH said...

Le recuerdo que hoy lunes GUAU! celebra sus 100 números!!!

Quedan todos invitados a leer el súper número hecho para la ocasión en:


kiwi said...

good stuff here!!
and very nice couple


Anonymous said...

can I take some pics?

amy said...

Dear Mrs. Gabriela

I am very happy that you like this chapter ... This spiritual trip would not happen without Captain ricardo's request..

Ricardo always mention that you are interested in Oriental philosophy .. and i am so glad to hear that ..We are all connected ..

Lots of love


amy said...

Dear antonella

We are here to support each other and i am sure that your angels will take good care of you

Lots of love


Suruyevsky. said...

Dear Gabriela (Crazydrile's mother),
read the following link:
Grettings from Mandrilland.-

Hiraeth said...

wow wow wow!!!!!!! Amazing places and very beautiful shots, I can't believe such places are in Australia!!!! You are always on trip, I invy you! :) Un abrazo!
P.S. Have you changed your girlfriend? ;)

Crazy Drile said...

Ciao Baol! nice to see you here again!

yep, of course I hope visit one day Italy, my grand Mother is Italian (Last name Copelli), so yeah! maybe we can eat some Pannacota or Mozzarella pizza with a lot of olive oil(I love that), and some Italian home wine with Antonella and DJ Findus...sounds fkg great 4 me!

Greetings Italian Mates!

Crazy Drile, Captain Ricardo, Sebastian...wherever I forget my own name...keep in touch

Crazy Drile said...

Ciao Vale! you´re alive!
take a look to the last comment...maybe soon we can go for guinness and Findus Microwave food...or make some trip in your ship.

Take care

Crazy Drile

ps: Arora tenta di rispondere in italiano in modo che non puoi leggere tutti gli uomini. Ho finito con il mio fidanzato e adesso sto lasciando con la ragazza nella foto, ma non vi è nulla di formale e non voglio che il mio ex-fidanzata di leggere questo, è molto molto geloso e un po 'folle (Mi auguro che possiate comprendere la mia Tentativo italiano) can understand something???? I hope it´s okay

Crazy Drile said...

Thanks for reply so many cuestions to my friends Crazy Amy


Crazy Drile said...

Welcome to compass of the north Kiwi!

From New Zealand? fkg good vanilla Ice Cream and Milk...the real one!
with full cream taste and colesterol...that´s bloody GOOD! yiiiihaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greetings Mate

Crazy Drile

Juliane said...

beautiful impressions!!! Unbelievable!!!

Crazy Drile said...

Thanks Jilaroo! an honor your words 4me...your shots and your web site are amazing too

Cu soon in the Outback


Crazy Drile said...

Hey Suruyevsky...thanks for this Video Mate!

Greetings in Mandriland


tal-caco said...

maravilloso lugar!!!maravillosas fotos!! maravillosa chinita!!!
que pais más cosmopolita, en todos los sentidos!!!todas las culturas, todas las razas!!todos los colores!!
un abrazo grande!!!

jasmine said...

Dear Captain Recardo

i enjoyed your beautiful romantic spiritual trip photos! is that your first oriental experience? you did good job with copying chinese character, didn't you?
you have to come to Japan too!!

your japanese beautiful

Crazy Drile said...

Hey gracias Caco!
Yeah! este lugar no para de impresionarte, encuentras al todo el mundo dentro de Australia, esta visita al templo fue como estar en China antigua o Japon
Que bueno que apareciste...ahora dentro de unos pocos dias me estoy llendo a Mount Isa en el Northern Territory de Australia.
Voy a trabajar en pleno desierto Australiano Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiihhhaaa!!
dile a mi Papa que te cuente los detalles...un gran abrazo Caco

Saludos a todos los De la Puente!


Crazy Drile said...

Hey Yasummy!
Thanks for your comment...yeah! was amazing travel
Do you think my letter in Chinese is O.K?

Take care and thanks for everything

Captain Ricardo, Crazy Drile, El Loco, Sebastian, Locodrilo...just me

Crazy Drile said...

I hope visit Japan of course!
And taste real sushi


Sarah said...

I got another wallpaper! ;)


Sarah said...

Hey hun
send me some Guinness photos

Anonymous said...

all the best working the land MATE!

Anonymous said...

now you can say yiiihaaa !

Mirjam said...

I'm glad that you finally could go to the temple... ;))
Stand clear and enjoy everything...

Crazy Drile said...

Thanks German Girl!

All the best for you too!


Nicole said...

Best wishes!

Weston said...

Take good care with all your Akubra gear

have fun in mt. Isa, and all the best Mate!

Crazy Drile said...

Thanks Mates! thanks to everybody for your support and good wishes

Next chapters from the Rodeos in the wild Outback of Australia


Drile...every day a little bit more Crazy

Crazy Drile said...

I told you DJ Findus...make a wish under the stars

Anonymous said...

Follow your dreams Cowboy

best wishes

Anonymous said...


Gabriela said...

Dear Suruyevsky : how are you? Thanks for your comment.
Really, you are a person with a lot of information. Congratulations.-

cheers. Best wishes for you and family.


Gabriela said...

Dear Seba: I wish you the best in your next experience and your compass carry you to the beginnig of another dream that will come true.-
God bless and protect you.

With all my love


Blondi said...

Fantastic photos!!!!

Antonella said...

Ehi cowboy! Come stai? e il tuo nuovo lavoro come va?....nell'aria c'è nostalgia di te!

La tua cara amica

Gabriela said...

Seba: where are youuuuuu??????
Please answer me...


IS-AH said...

Como va la vida 'aussie style'???

Ya estay en pega nueva o puro paseando???

GUAU! cumplió un año!!! Hay un especial que podi ver por ahi...


Crazy Drile said...

Yeah...I was without Internet
CONGRATULATIONS Mr Guau!!! One year! yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihhhaaa!

Take it easy man

toxoid_toxaemia said...

wow !! luv these picz .... all of 'em are amazing !

Crazy Drile said...

Thanks Toxoid!
Welcome to Compass of the North!

Where are you from???

Crazy Drile said...

Please stop one minit, turn on your speackers and enjoy this amazing video



pansy said...

Great blog and great pictures!!!!!!!!!! :D!

Saul Martinez said...

Those are pretty amazing pics. Wish I could visit there some day. Ive been Japan and thats it. I could handle the humidity.

Crazy Drile said...

Hey! yeah it is amazing
where are you from?

Anonymous said...

magic place