Tuesday, 12 May 2009

my good friend Rambo...

For Thai believe, the Elephant is a holy animal, protectors of the old Kingdom of Siam...but the most important thing, the Elephant can read your mind, remember one face like a picture for ever. The Elephant in the old days was used like a old tanks for war with Burma and invasors...you'll have two options with them....they love you and accept or they can try to kill you showing all this amazing Power

This is my good friend Rambo, Thai Baby Elephant, he's four years old and in this village, the people was very surprised with me and Rambo, seems like we was friends in another life

Elephants are an important part of Thai culture and the Thai way of life. They are a traditional symbol of royal power, an essential feature of Buddhist art and architecture, an a spiritual mentor for people of all walks of life. In the early part of this century, elephants roamed freely and in multitude throughout Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Prior to the 18th century they were the main machine of Southeast Asian war, a Thai king of the late 17th century having had 20,000 war elephants trained for battle. Elephants in Thailand have always been a symbol of both power and peace. They have always performed the most exacting physical tasks. And they have always been well loved


Kiwi said...

I can not believe your trip mate, It is unreal!


Kiwi said...


Gabriela said...

It is really incredible!!! It is another way of live the life. You are blessed, because there is an big conection between Rambo and you, is like you have been "friends" for ever. No words!!!

Sisisisii "rascado de guata", es muy precioso sisisiii...y con sombrero.

Realmente impresionante.

Too much energy and wisdom through
your travel.

Good Luck in your beautiful journey. I follow you!!!

Kises and blessings from Chillán, Chile.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! you never stops to surprise me ;)


I'll be waiting the next one_______________________________

Lore Henriquez Villaseñor said...

Que lindo Rambo!!! ....
Me encantó!!!!....q tiernooo.....
que interesante los lugares que andas conociendo ahora.....realmente me da envidia, pero envidia sana jijijiji.....
cuidate mucho....ah! y felicidades por estar de novio:)...
un abrazo______________
Lore H.

Suruyevsky. said...

Rambo is a bigger pet than my dog!!!, hahahha.
Greetings to Rambo from Mandrilland.-

Foquinha! said...

Thank youuu... I think the same as you, ahahaha!!! The shots are really niceee!!! Very cute, Rambo and you!

o ;)