Thursday, 31 July 2008

Australian Roping

Rockhampton, Queensland, Tuesday july 29 to 2008
The ATRA is a non-profit member operated incorporated Association based in Australia. The ATRA encourages, co-ordinates, develops and promotes divisional team roping events, schools and clinics throughout Australia and New Zealand...
The Australasian Team Roping Association (ATRA) was created to provide the opportunity for individuals to participate and compete in this unique and challenging sport whatever their ability

The horses used in team roping events are usually Australian Quarter Horses. This breed is preferred by ropers for their exceptional athletic ability, quick acceleration over short distances, their good minds and calm disposition. Geldings are almost always preferred, but occasionally a mare and rarely a stallion are used in the event. It is not unusual to see a Paint horse used in team roping, but often this is just a crop-out Quarter Horse. Other breeds are chosen for use as team roping horse but not as consistently as the Australian Quarter Horse. It takes many months and even years to properly train a good team roping horse, whether a heading horse or heeling horse. Often a horse is trained in a home arena or local arenas for 1 to 2 years prior to being used at the larger competitions. The tremendous growth of the sport of team roping has made a good team roping horse a very valuable commodity

Team Roping draws those with the strong, healthy, desire to compete and win. There are no questions about who won - it's a simple matter of most catches in the shortest time. - The stop watch rules -


Gabriela said...

Seba: que espectacular. Que ganas de estar allá y verlo en vivo y en directo. Como siempre tus fotos son el descueve.
Que lindo los caballos y los aperos.
Realemte fabuloso!!!!

un beso grande,

Crazy Drile said...

Es la caga...las fotos estan como las weas. pero es realmente espectacular

PD...que Gabriela es??? Madre o Hija????

Gabriela said...

Madre, oye realmente salvaje, debe ser impresionante verlos de cerca. Que lindo los animales que aparecen en las fotos. Se pasaron.

Un beso grande,


Te reenvié el mail que te había dicho, se lo mandé a la chika equivocado, jajaja, con razón no te había llegado.

Anonymous said...