Thursday, 24 July 2008

with the compass in my hand

Thoushands of kilometers traveling for the desert, for purple, emerald and blue coral reefs... between sugar cane, mango's, coconuts, oceans, mines, sun and rain, day and night, bilabongs and windmills, red sand and green eucalyptus forest...sometimes I was smoking one cigarette in the full moon night and suddenly near to the camp fire I could saw some shadows...shy kangaroos looking curious at the human presence. I got so many photos in my camera, so many pictures in my by day I'm writing one different page one chapter of my book called life


Svana Domaradottir said...

snakes....cocodrile...fantastic!!!!!!!!!you take some very beutiful photos...i love that have a book...really interesting...Love Svana

Crazy Drile said...

Ciao Svana thankyou very much for your words,it is impossible here to take bad photos, everything is interesting and wild

The real challenge is try to capture in my lens a little bit of the soul of this place

Catcha later


elyne said...

Good job and pictures as well

Greetings from South Africa


Crazy Drile said...

Thanks Elyne... welcome to compass of the North anytime and keep in touch because I hope visit soon Africa...Is not a joke

Greetings from Queensland, Australia

Crazy Drile

Juan Ignacio said...

Wow, interesantísimo blog, las fotos son realmente maravillosas. Gracias por visitar el mio, un saludo desde Mar del Plata, Argentina ~;)

Crazy Drile said...

Saludos por Mar del Plata también


JP said...

je vous remercie pour vos paroles, photos et excellent site
message de félicitations de la France

Crazy Drile said...

Greetings in France JP, welcome to Compass of the north

bonne chance!

Crazy Drile

amy said...

hello sebas ..

it is such a life .. There is no rush and hurry life in the outback .. Life is simple and minimal .... .., it is a true beauty of the nature ..

Gabriela said...

What a wonderful pics, is a treassure to have this, with a lot of history, beauty, and wildness. It is a magic time.
You can smell and taste what you´re cooking...It´s a big emotion to me see you there...
I wild drink a glass of wine in your honor... cheers

Love mom

Crazy Drile said...

Is a natural and spiritual life
your body and your soul becomes in one

Love you Amy

Crazy Drile said...

Thanks for your words drink your glass of beatiful Chilean Wine but after that... please send me one bottle to me!!!

Greetings to my Crazy Family


Svana Domaradottir said...

Drile,i wanna write that i fell but is difficult for me...excuse my english...i love your photos...they are...emotive...thank you,thank you for your job you're fantastic!!!THOR AIESSSSS

Crazy Drile said...

Your English is perfect Svana (much better than my Italian), and your comment very deep, thanks for that
Step by step compass of the north is today one meeting point for a lot of people in differents places, differents flags and lenguages united for the spirit of freedom and adventure...everyone is now a little bit more interested in this Island called Australia

This is a beatiful country and is an honor for me show my experience here, show a little bit the generosity of this people

I feel privileged to be the eyes of many people in the world and your comments every day are for me an incentive to make something better

Thankyou everyone

Crazy Drile

Sarah said...

You're Right Svana...thanks Sebastian for your job you're fantastic ;)

take care hun


Crazy Drile said...

Enjoy this videos about the Outback in Australia:

amy said...

it is a truely spiritual journey .....One life,live it ..

We will pray for you and sending you our loving energy to support you in the outback ..

With the universal love...


gabriela said...

No habia podido meterme antes...
... Las cagaste!!! que maravilla, creo que deberias replantear tu profesión, FOTOGRAFO Y TROTAMUNDOS, me suena bien!
Sigue viviendo tu sueño.
Te quiero


Gabriela said...

Dear Amy: your thougths are beautiful like your soul.



Gabriela said...

Dear Seba: today I went to the mountains and it mas wonderful. All the nature remember you and I was connected with you by the mountains, the trees, the sky and the rivers. I remember when you went to the mountains before each New Year in your "Kawasaki" to clean your body and soul...there was so beautiful...

I miss you

A kiss in the stars.

Xavier said...

fantastic work Crazy Friend

Crazy Drile said...

No cambiar la profesion, sino agregarle fotógrafo, arquéologo, cowboy, explorador, loco, periodista y marketing...vamos que se puede!
Un fuerte abrazo Pionka, se te hecha mucho de menos...keep walking, sigan sus sueños con el Toño

Un fuerte abrazo
Te quiero mucho


Crazy Drile said...

I can feel your power and energy under the stars everynight Amy

Buddha bless you

Captain Ricardo

Crazy Drile said...

Welcome to Compass of the North Xavier...enjoy the journey

Crazy Drile

matt said...

tack för att visa vildmark av Australia

Greetings from Sweden

Nicole said...

how are you Crazy Drile? thanks for showing us Australia

A couple of questions:

You need much knowledge to pass through the Australian desert? it is very dangerous? which is the lowest temperature in the desert?


Crazy Drile said...

Hey Nicole how are you?
Great cuestions..oh yeah, some answers:

The lowest extreme minima occur at high elevations, especially around Alice Springs, where the temperature has fallen as low as -7.5°C.

You dont´t need much knowledge, but is very important know how work one compass and use maps...this is a very very big country and is easy lost your way

Yep, is a little bit dangerous because Australia is the most dangerous place in the world...In the world you can find 20 really dangerous snakes, 17 of them are living here

Take a look in this link, can help you

Take care, see you soon

Crazy Drile

PS: Drink a lot of water is another important think...Cya

amy said...

thank you gabriela for a lovely comment ....

We are all connected ..

Lots of love


Venessa said...

Thank you very much for your comment on my blog :)

So what's your story? How come you're in Australia? I gather you're not from there originally....

Take care,


Suruyevsky. said...

Good pictures!!!. The best is "The curious kangaroo".
Keep Travelling, Keep Living!.

Crazy Drile said...

Hey Venessa, thanks 4 your comment in my web...
I was trying to write on your page but I could't , I need enter some password or something.
Yeah, Im not Australian, Im from Santiago Chile, I'm in AD business, my last account in Chile was Audi Cars, and after my last campaign (Audi R8) I was really stressful and some day I was looking google earth and I break in my life? why not

that's my story in a few words, now I'm traveling in Australia and 8 month before I was in New Zealand as, meet people and take good photographs
is just passion 4me

Take care and keep in touch
Greetings in Canada


Crazy Drile said...

Cheers Suruyevsky!
Yeah! that's it, now Im writing from Argylla, next to Mount Isa (Queensland) North of Australia...

seven degrees below zero at night and 40 degrees in temperature in the day

Enjoy my new shots
Greetings in Mandriland