Sunday, 6 July 2008

Compass of the North in the Newspaper

Newspaper La Discusion de Chillán, Chile, July 2008

Yep, Compass of the North is making news in South America and in Australian Newspapers, this is one article about my trips in Australia, my shots and this web, thanks to everyone this website is today one meeting point for many people speaking differents lenguages but with the same passion for Adventure. Cheers!


Crazy Drile said...

Please stop one minit, turn on your speackers and enjoy this amazing video



Sarah said...

congratulations hun ;)

Anonymous said...

Now you are famous Crazy drile

making leyend

tal-caco said...

Hola Estimado!!
Este artículo nos llenó de orgullo a toda la familia, ya que fue visto por todo el mundo en Chillán!! mi mamá lo tiene recostado para el baúl de los recuerdos!!!
Un abrazo