Thursday, 24 July 2008

Route Compass of the North

This is my route between 13.June.2008 to 24.july.2008
Towns and Citys visited: Mount Isa (Queensland), Julia Creek (Queensland), Camooweal (Queensland), Brunette Downs (Northern Territory), Saxby (Queensland), Cloncurry (Queensland), Winton (Quennsland), Longreach (Queensland), Barcaldine (Queensland),Emerald (Queensland), Black Water (Queenslad), Dingo (Queensland), Brisbane (Queensland), Oak Park (Northern Territory), Paradise (Queensland), Rockhampton (Queensland), Maryborough (Queensland), Sarina (Queensland), Mackay (Queensland), Owen (Queensland), Townsville (Queensland), and Chartes Towers (Queensland) my location now


Paul said...

Amazing is like Indiana Jones

Greetings from New Zealand

Fernando said...


congratulations once again for this big adventurer your playing..............

I know, sometimes everything doesn't feel so happy likes pictures look, and easy........... but I can affirm that you put a lot of your enthusiasm for make your day......a new chance to be happy.........

Enjoy my friend....................
pictures are guuddddaaaaaaa

Fernando Irigoyen Rademacher

Sarah said...

just Wow!
Kisses from Sydney hun ;)

Crazy Drile said...

@ Paul: Thanks Mate, yep is one unbelievable experience 4 all your life. Greetings in New Zealand Cheers!

@ Fernando: Hey Mister, an honor your visit. Yep you're right I believe that every person have one different experience in every travel. 100% Depends on your enthusiasm and feedback with the country, culture and people that you´re visiting. You know that because you visited Australia 2 or 3 years before than me and your stories and experiences in Australia and New Zealand was an important motivation for my trip.
Thanks 4 that. All the best in A:Escala Bussiness. Cya Mate greetings in your family

@ Sarah: O.K...true blue I miss one Caramel Macciatto Ventti of the Starbucks...oh yea! and cinnamon on top. Take it easy

Gabriela said...

Dear Seba: It´s incredible all the kilometers you have visited, it´s a enormous territory, but the most important thig, besides that,is your
great experience as a wonderful taveller because your spirit of adventure and the energy you put in and in showing us what you´re living there.
Great!!! >Thanks for all!!!
God bless you.
Carpe Diem

Crazy Drile said...

Thanks for your words, step by step compass of the north is today one meeting point for a lot of people in differents places, differents flags and lenguages and everyone is now intrested in Australia

This is a beatiful country and is an honor for me show my experience here, show a little bit the generosity of this people

I feel privileged to be the eyes of many people in the world and your comments every day are for me an incentive to make something better

Thankyou everyone

Crazy Drile